Why is Deadpool the Most Unique Marvel Hero

Comic Panel from Deadpool Comic book.

Deadpool IS a Unique Marvel Hero

Why is Deadpool the Most Unique Marvel Hero? Deadpool is without a doubt one of the most unique characters in the Marvel Comics Universe. When Deadpool was introduced in 1991 he was a far cry from the Hero we know today. The character’s first appearance was in The New Mutants #98 and he quickly became an instant fan favorite.

Deadpool was depicted as a supervillain when he debuted but evolved into more of an antihero over time. This was in large part because of his undeniable charisma and, “I can’t believe he just did that”, unpredictability. Three decades later Deadpool remains a fan favorite both in comic form and on the silver screen. But why? Who is Deadpool and why is he STILL the most unique hero in the Marvel Universe?

Why is Deadpool the Most Unique Marvel Hero
Deadpool: The Most Unique Hero in all of Marvel Comics.

Deadly origins of Deadpool

Created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, Deadpool is a mercenary with regeneration abilities and possesses superhuman physical prowess. When first introduced in The New Mutants, Deadpool had quirks but was a shadow of the Deadpool we see today. Over the years his persona morphed into a motormouthed jokester with a tendency to break the fourth wall. It’s this self-awareness that sets Deadpool apart from the other heroes in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Deadpool’s unique qualities come to life when his internal monologues takes a life of their own. This also makes for nonstop comic relief. In fact, it’s the internal dialogue that makes the Deadpool titles some of the most enduring and original books available.

Writing for Deadpool takes an unconventional flexibility as his backstory and abilities have changed multiple times over the character’s history. This flexibility extends to even basic information such as, “is Wade Wilson even his REAL name”? It’s this ambiguous nature to the character that makes reading the series such a blast. It has also led to countless hilarious fourth wall breaks. One memorable moment involves Deadpool quipping that his identity is dependent on who is writing him that month.

Why is Deadpool the Most Unique Marvel Hero
One of the many Deadpool titles that Marvel has released

Taking a Unique comic Hero and making him shine

THAT is the Deadpool that lurks inside the Marvel Comics Universe. But how will these unique qualities translate over to the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? The MCU cannon has a habit of taking itself seriously which is a trait that Deadpool unfortunately lacks. How will this uniqueness translate when Deadpool stands alongside the likes of Hawkeye, Thor and Daredevil? Time will tell but as we get closer to an MCU Deadpool release one thing is for sure… we are in good hands.

In March 2022 Disney announced to great fanfare that Shawn Levy will direct the MCU debut of Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds is also tapped to step back into the red and black tights as well. The anticipation is high for the duo of Levy and Reynolds. Especially after the team struck cinematic gold with Free Guy in 2021 and The Adam Project in 2022.

AN ominous possibility. Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool: Hollywood leading man

Beyond Reynolds and Levy reuniting, there is very little known about what shenanigans await Deadpool’s MCU debut. Another “how is this going to work” factoid is that Reynolds already portrayed Deadpool before for Fox Studios. These forays into the Merc with a Mouth at Fox fell firmly outside the MCU

Deadpool’s first Big Screen appearance came in 2009 with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It would be generous to say that this version of Deadpool was… disliked. It is more accurate to say that it was despised by every Deadpool fan including Ryan Reynolds. The overwhelming hatred for this version of Deadpool led to Fox Studios shelving any plans for a stand-alone movie. It was a dark time to be a Deadpool fan.

Through shear will and a little luck Ryan Reynolds led the charge for a triumphant Deadpool return in 2016. This version as well as the subsequent sequel in 2018 both stayed true to the Marvel Comics version of Deadpool. This formula was successful as fans and critics embraced the movies. In fact both films currently have a Certified Fresh label on Rotten Tomatoes. This feat is even more impressive considering both films carry a FIRM R rating.

A taste of Deadpool Goodness.
A taste of the self awareness and fourth wall breakage that Deadpool is famous for.

Deadpool: The Most Unique hero in all of Marvel

After Disney purchased Fox in 2019 the big question became how will Deadpool make his MCU debut. Deadpool WILL officially join the MCU and it will be groundbreaking when he does. With the aforementioned tendencies of breaking the fourth wall Deadpool is bound to shake up the MCU status quo.

MCU Deadpool is years away and there is no doubt He will shine in the MCU as well. The fanbase is ready. Ryan Reynolds is ready. Time will tell if the MCU is ready for Deadpool because ready or not he is coming. And there WILL be blood. LOTS OF BLOOD. (and curse words. LOTS of F’n curse words!)


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  1. I was thrilled when I first found out Ryan Reynolds was cast as Deadpool. It was the perfect match. Imagine being THE perfect human to play such a fun and loved super antihero!

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