Who is Reath Silas in Star Wars the High Republic?

There is a new character in the Star Wars universe that has everyone talking. His name is Reath Silas, and we will discuss what is known about him at this point. Some believe he may play a major role in Star Wars: The High Republic’s future. In this article, we will take a closer look at Reath Silas and try to answer the question of who he is and what his role might be in the future of Star Wars.

Who is Reath Silas?

When does the High Republic Era take place?

650 years after the fall of the “Old Republic”, and 300-350 years before the battle of Yavin, the Star Wars timeline enters the “High Republic” Era.

Jedi of the High Republic

The High Republic Era gives us a unique look at the Jedi Order that is both familiar and new. We, the readers get to experience how the Order is shaped and molded from new characters, such as Jedi Knight Reath Silas.

Something that I’m thoroughly enjoying from the High Republic books and comics is how the Jedi are experimenting with the living force and learn as they go.

We also get to see various Jedi, like Master Cohmac Vitus, questioning their own order and challenging their internal-belief system. This could end up creating some very interesting storylines in the future.

The Republic

Another very interesting aspect of the HR, is seeing how the Republic is conducting itself as it expands their political reach into the outer-rim territories and beyond.

Seeing the Republic work side by side with the mysterious Jedi Order is a ton of fun. As you can imagine, this creates for some very high level diplomatic meetings, full of tension and intrigue.

“We are all the Republic” will be a mantra you hear over and over again, as you read through the books and comics.

The political landscape after the “Great Disaster”, is worth exploring. I find it even more enticing and engaging than the blockades and trade disputes we got in the Prequel Trilogy.

Who is Reath Silas?

Who is Reath Silas?

Reath Silas is a skillful Padawan who has had a somewhat privileged apprenticeship; his master, the great Jora Malli, is a member of the Jedi Council. Reath has spent a great deal of time on Coruscant in elevated diplomatic meetings, and prefers books and studying to the thrills and dangers of real adventure, which makes him reluctant to leave the familiar comforts of Coruscant for the frontier. Facing the great unknowns of the frontier will put Reath to the test, and he will learn what he is really made of.


We first hear of Reath Silas in the Light of the Jedi novel, our first entry into the High Republic Era. Reath’s Master, Jora Malli, mentions his name briefly in passing.

The first appearance of Reath Silas, comes in the Into the Dark novel, written by Claudia Gray. According to Wookiepedia, “The author drew inspiration from Hermione Granger, a character from the Harry Potter book series. Gray wanted Silas to be a Jedi whose skill stemmed from hard work rather than natural talent.”

My overall take on the Reath character, is that he would be much more comfortable residing at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, sifting through the Jedi Archives for knowledge. Being out on the frontier is not something he would get excited over.

What makes Reath Silas such an interesting character, is he comes to the realization that sometimes you must step outside of your comfort-zone, in-order to grow as an individual.

Reath Silas


Reath Silas is a very interesting, yet conflicted character. He is reluctant to leave the comforts of Coruscant, but he knows that in order to grow as a Jedi Knight, he must venture out into the great unknowns of the galaxy. I’m looking forward to seeing how Reath’s character develops, as we get more entries into the High Republic Era.

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