What’s New in Indie TTRPG’s

What's New in Indie TTRPG's

The world of Indie Tabletop Role Playing Games is a vast landscape of possibilities so let’s put a spotlight on what’s new in Indie TTRPG’s. From The DM’s Guild, Kickstarter, WordPress, and beyond the options to spice your game up are endless.

We did a deep dive into the nether realms of social media to discover some of the coolest TTRPG experiences. What’s even more impressive is the creators involved are all cool and love what they are doing. That goes A LONG WAY!

Without further ado… Here are Some of the top options for what’s new in Indie TTRPG’s.

Mara: New Comic in Indie TTRPGs. What's New in Indie TTRPG's
Mara: New Comic in Indie TTRPGs

Mara: New Comic in Indie TTRPGs

Comic Book, Mara is the first comic from Stuffed Rock Studio. It is about the titular character, Mara, and her ragtag group of fellow adventurers. The book invites you to follow Mara on a journey that takes her to the farthest reaches of the world!

Mara was initially a Webcomic on the Stuffed Rock Studios Website and is moving on to Chapter 2 in the series.

Written by Dylan Goss, a software engineer by occupation and storyteller at heart. Of all the stories he’s crafted, Mara has been the best received and rightfully so!

Illustrated by Rosi Woo, an artist/animator from Taiwan. Rosi brings life to Dylan’s words and makes each page a beautiful experience!

Right now, the team at Stuffed Rock Studios are preparing for a Kickstarter campaign to bring a physical version of the webcomic to the masses. The Kickstarter is in the Prelaunch phase now but still open to sign up to be notified when the campaign begins.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own this beautiful and engaging adventure!

Gazpacho Tabletop: What's New in Indie TTRPGs. What's New in Indie TTRPG's
Gazpacho Tabletop: What’s New in Indie TTRPGs

Gazpacho Tabletop: What’s New in Indie TTRPGs

Next up, Gazpacho Tabletop brings an element of uniqueness to the realm of TTRPG’s. I would go so far as to say that he most definitely puts the FUN in Fundamentals as he blends fantastic with fantasy.

Right now Gazpacho Tabletop has a downloadable 1-page RPG called Hardcore Badass that is as awesome as the name sounds. Submitted for the 1-page RPG Jam 2021. This module can be played as a one shot or as a mini campaign.

With a focus on fast action-packed game play, Hardcore Badass sets its sights on bounty hunters as they complete dangerous bounty missions. This uses a novel mechanic of Gazpacho Tabletops own devising that was a hit during play testing.

I love the video game feel and surreal setting. It feels new and fresh! The 1-page RPG Hardcore Badass is available on the Gazpacho Tabletop website NOW!

Modern Myth: What's New in Indie Streaming TTRPGs
Modern Myth: What’s New in Indie Streaming TTRPGs

Modern Myth: What’s New in Indie Streaming TTRPGs

Welcome to the world of Modern Myth.  Modern Myth is quietly building something new and exciting for the TTRPG crowd. Take a visit to their website and you instantly feel the depth of what they have planned. Between The Rakish Rovers, Split Screen D&D, and DM in the PM, Modern Myth has strategically set in motion a growing empire.

They are eager to deliver the most engaging Dungeons & Dragons content in all the realm and it shows.

The cornerstone of the group consists of Amanda, Arielle, Josh, and Tom as they play through a long form fifth edition campaign. They are The Rakish Rovers.  Will the Rovers stand victorious against the evils that are amassing around them? Only time will tell but entertaining it will be!

With Split Screen D&D the group covers all things D&D in a weekly streaming format. This pits Dungeon Master, Tom & Player Josh to tackle D&D from both sides of the screen.

For those who prefer something a bit more intimate, you can slip into DM in the PM. It is a series that explores the wonders of running the greatest game known to man… Dungeons & Dragons

You can discover the Modern Myth world on TWITTER and follow along on YouTube!

Fragging Unicorns Games: What's New in Indie Kickstarter TTRPGs
Fragging Unicorns Games: What’s New in Indie Kickstarter TTRPGs

Fragging Unicorns Games: What’s New in Indie Kickstarter TTRPGs

Game developer Fragging Unicorns Games presents Misspent Youth: Fall in Love, Not in Line.

Misspent Youth is the journey of teenage rebellion in a messed-up future! You play as the only kids that can stop the adults from ruining what’s left of the world. This premise and the gameplay are engrossing. It is easy to get lost in this world… and that’s a good thing!

Misspent Youth is a tabletop RPG about friendship, standing up to bullies, and changing the world. The game is for 4 to 6 people, one of whom plays The Authority, the force that’s grinding your faces under its boot. The others all play Youthful Offenders (YOs), the only ones who can save the world by standing up to the Authority.


Misspent Youth is on Kickstarter now to bring the successful online game into a physical form. It has received endorsement from acclaimed Comic Book author, Gail Simone, and featured in a playtest with Actor Will Wheaton.

It is live now on Kickstarter until May 19th so Back this project while you can!

D&Demetrius: What's New in Indie Cartography TTRPGs
D&Demetrius: What’s New in Indie Cartography TTRPGs

D&Demetrius: What’s New in Indie Cartography TTRPGs

A master Cartographer and D&D enthusiast, D&Demetrius has his creations available on Patreon now. The cool part is that he will also do original commissions for homebrew campaigns.

Upon pledging to higher Patreon tiers you gain access to 4k versions, variants, polls, edits, and extra monthly maps. All maps are compatible with services like Roll20.

D&Demetrius also has a Map Set on DM guild. It is a scenic battle map to supplement and aid your DMing needs. Contained in this pack are 8 variants of a Caravan’s Rest Point. All files are in 4k resolution and come in gridless and girdded versions in pdf and png formats. Grid dimensions are [40×50]

For High Quality, Affordable and professional Maps it is hard to find a better option than D&Demetrius. On a personal note – his Maps of Ravenloft/Barovia have ADDED so much to my own Curse of Strahd campaigns. The small details in cartography do not go unmissed!

Braythe: What's New in Indie TTRPGs
Braythe: What’s New in Indie TTRPGs

Braythe: What’s New in Indie TTRPGs

The self-contained adventure of Braythe is a world unto itself. It has its own lore, mysteries and adventures built into a standard 5E ruleset. It is beautifully crafted, and the level of attention comes from the love that Heiner de Wendt puts into every corner of this world.

The Premise:

You have seen the world burn and get torn apart, yet you survived. On a world built from the fragments of your old home, every day is a battle for a brighter future. 

In Braythe: Shattered Realities, countless worlds float through the purple void, connected by massive chains. The world-islands of Braythe are the remnants of worlds that have been destroyed. Each landmass has survivors or descendants of survivors of a world-shattering apocalypse. 

Despite the hardships, the overall theme of Braythe is “from surviving to thriving”. At its core it is an optimistic view of life that leads the adventure. Welcome to Braythe!

I highly encourage everyone to check out the Braythe site on World Anvil to see for themselves. Heiner developed an engrossing and entertaining world that is familiar yet wholly original at the same time.

Blue Goblin Games: What's New in Indie Add-On TTRPGs. What's New in Indie TTRPG's
Blue Goblin Games: What’s New in Indie Add-On TTRPGs

Blue Goblin Games: What’s New in Indie Add-On TTRPGs

The awesomely named Blue Goblin Games has some of the most endearing and unique game options out there. Case in point is Grumble Stench’s Potion Archive.  

This manual is a potion and magical item archive for DND 5E. Inside, you will find a selection of mystical-brews and enchanted goodies one may encounter when traversing the fantasy realms.

All your old favorite potions and elixirs are here, re-vamped and re-worked, adding more depth to the magical and mysterious drinks. The manual answers some of the most common questions such as “What the Heck am I drinking?” 

Ever wonder what a certain potion tastes, smells, and looks like?  

What does a potion cost? 

There are also new Potions and Magical Items galore. There are also TONS of awesome wondrous items and magical gear! 

Rounding out the fantastic Grumble Stench adds New Feats and Spells to help your hero survive the rigors of the fantasy realms! 

Last but certainly not least is an all-new Player Race. The legendary PUGFOLK which includes a whole catalog of pug-centric spells! 

Are you ready for all the stench and cuteness? Grumble Stench is an absolute must have for to add a bit of quirk to your campaign.

D&D Cooperative: Website Spotlight

Finally, I wanted to put a spotlight on a sister website that specializes in Dungeons & Dragons topics. D&D Cooperative focuses on Tips for the Dungeon Master and D&D Opinion pieces. What sets them apart is the amount of analytical thought that goes into each topic as it affects the player and the game itself.

A recent post by Agatha Devere (Chaotic Evil Staff Writer) on Sharing Character Stats delves into this taboo topic. Agatha breaks down the unspoken no-no of metagaming and asks, “why not?”.

The Article Sharing Character Stats – Strategizing or Metagaming really outlines an argument for both and is a must read in my opinion.

The gauntlet of awesome TTRPG options has been laid out Infront of you. I hope you visit each one of these deserving Contributors because they all do love this game and what they are creating!

The scary part is that this is just a list of eight amazing talents… but there are so many more new Indie TTRPG’s to discover! So… scary and yet SUPER EXCITING!

Let’s find them together, shall we?

Do you have an Indie RPG project that you want to share? Do you know of one that we should explore? Leave us a comment below!

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