The Mad Gate: A Ruthless and Astonishing VoyceMe Original

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If you’re into webtoons, The Mad Gate by VoyceMe is a series you won’t want to miss. The story is set in a world of magic and mystery, where the characters are forced to face their fears and fight for survival. The artwork is stunning, and the writing is excellent. I highly recommend this series!

By the time you finish reading this article you will have an understanding of the following things:

  • What is The Mad Gate about?
  • The art style choices used in the series
  • Overall theme and tone of the webtoon
  • Who are the creators behind it
  • My thoughts on where the VoyceMe series is going
(Image Credit: VoyceMe)

Introduction to The Mad Gate by VoyceMe

So what is The Mad Gate all about? I just digested the first three episodes and my initial reaction was “I’m in.” This webtoon and VoyceMe original, is a cross between the hit webtoon series Solo Leveling and another VoyceMe original series called God Game. The Mad Gate also gives me strong Dungeons & Dragons vibes.

Like Solo Leveling, The Mad Gate has a character leveling system and champions who clear out dungeons with different rankings. I also feel the art style was strongly influenced by Solo Leveling

The Mad Gate—a man about to swing hammer down
(Image Credit: VoyceMe)

Brandon Chen (the man, the myth, the legend who wrote Oblivion Trials with me), is not only the author of The Mad Gate but another VoyceMe original series, God Game. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that there are moments in Brandon’s latest series, The Mad Gate, that sick and twisted games are played, putting our beloved characters through hell, just like his other series God Game.

Why does this VoyceMe series give me Dungeons & Dragons vibes? Firstly, like D&D, there is a party of adventurers with different skills and abilities working together to clear out dungeons. And secondly, the banter back and forth between our characters in The Mad Gate reminds me of game night with my friends, as we roll dice and role play together. 

The story follows our main character Eon who is a personal assistant to one of the great adventures in this world Author Brandon Chen created. Eon can be compared to a caddie in golf. He’s more so on the sidelines helping out, that is till a situation happens thrusting our MC into action.

The Mad Gate—silhouette of a man with a mad smile
(Image Credit: VoyceMe)

The Art of The Mad Gate

Art is a living breathing thing and The Mad Gate is a great example of how art can bring text to life. Because the illustrator for this series, Christopher Krady, does a phenomenal job of world building through his art choices and he absolutely crushed the character design.

There were moments when I was reading the webtoon and I couldn’t help but remember a Sega Genesis game I used to play as a kid titled Golden Axe. The art brought me right back to that game and my childhood. 

Something I felt was a big positive was how dynamic the art actually was. There is a strong resemblance to Solo Leveling

(Image Credit: VoyceMe)

However, The Mad Gate isn’t without its flaws. Because it is over the top and busy at times. That is to say, there is a lot, and I mean A LOT of action. 

The color in this VoyceMe original series is bright and vibrant. It felt like something out of a Thor comic book. I loved the color choices because they brought a ton of energy to the read. 

The art in The Made Gate had me cruising through the story. If it had pages, I would have said it was a page burner but it’s more of a super scroller (I should coin that phrase). 

(Image Credit: VoyceMe)

The Creators Behind The Mad Gate

  • Author: Brandon Chen
  • Lead Artist: Christopher Krady
  • Project Manager: Myndfury
  • Line Artist: Christopher Krady
  • Colorist: Calvin
  • Colorist: Xuan
  • Lead Typesetter: Sean
  • Typesetter: Tealpyns, Laconickibitz and Kaey
(Image Credit: VoyceMe)

Theme & Tone of Story

Theme is defined as the central idea or moral of a story. The theme of The Mad Gate is “to get something you have to give something.” The definition of tone is the overall mood or feeling of a piece of writing. The tone of the series is ferocious and whimsical.

I have had the opportunity to work with Brandon. His brain is a special, twisted thing. He blends fantasy and mystery so well, you would think you’re watching an episode of the TV show Lost.

VoyceMe: Home of The Mad Gate

As of this writing, VoyceMe (the same publisher that brought you DevilUp and God Game) just dropped the first 3 episodes of their new original series The Mad Gate. Furthermore, it is set to be released every Monday on their website and app.

(Image Credit: VoyceMe)


This VoyceMe original series has legs to stand on and could become the next Solo Leveling. Brandon is a rising star in the industry and I’ve enjoyed all the projects he’s worked on.

Overall I think you should absolutely give The Mad Gate a chance. The writing is great, the art is on point and it will give you all the feels. I can’t wait to see where this VoyceMe original series takes us. 

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