The Fallen: The Battle of Good vs Evil Unfolds Now

The Battle of Good vs Evil unfolds in The Fallen

The Fallen is a VoyceMe Original Rising to Greatness!

VoyceMe has become the “go-to” place for uniquely original Manga and that’s no different when the battle of good vs evil unfolds in THE FALLEN.

The Fallen is an original Manga published exclusively on VoyceMe. There are currently 19 Chapters in the supernatural genre story with new Chapters released weekly!

Writer Jordan Troche (Death Sin, Deck of Fates) delivers a stylized depiction of the age-old struggle of good versus evil. This fight between Heaven and Hell plays out in vivid colors in this completely original webcomic thanks to the Goxtoon artists.

There’s never a break in the action with this ongoing series which is impressive because there is also plenty of emotional punch in lead Protagonist Ezekiel’s journey.

The Fallen is without a doubt one of the “can’t miss” series available on VoyceMe today!

The Battle of Good vs Evil unfolds in The Fallen - Interior Pages
Interior Design of The Fallen

What is The Fallen?

THE FALLEN is a coming-of-age story with a biblical twist set in a dystopian landscape full of angels, demons, and buckets of blood!

A young man named Ezekiel witnesses his own Father murder his Mother. It just so happens that Ezekiel’s Father is The Fallen Angel King, Azazel!

Filled with rage, Ezekiel’s dormant Angelic powers awaken. With it, a dark cloud of death begins to spread across the land as Azazel’s war against humanity begins.

With the help of a powerful Mentor, he begins his training to fight the monsters that lurk in the dark.

Can Ezekial harness his power to free the world from his Father’s grasp? Can he survive the hordes of Demons standing between him and Azazel?

Find out in THE FALLEN.

The Battle of Good vs Evil unfolds in The Fallen - Ezekial
Ezekiel from The Fallen

Why makes The Fallen so great?

Great is a subjective term and can change from person to person. This fact is even more apparent when talking about comics, television, or anything in Nerd Culture.

What I latch onto and find amazing may not be someone else’s cup of tea. Keeping that in mind I do want to highlight some aspects of Jordan Troche’s ongoing series, The Fallen that can be universally accepted by the masses.

The Battle of Good vs Evil unfolds in The Fallen
Get Ready for Non-Stop Action!

The Concept

Troche delivers a heartfelt (and extremely bloody) journey of self-discovery. The main character, Ezekiel navigates this “coming of age” story along with the reader.

This makes for an engaging story and you find yourself growing closer and more attached to the Characters as each Chapter is published.

There is a perfect balance of blood, gore, and action to counterbalance the Hero’s Journey. But at its core, The Fallen is 100% a story about a Son growing out of the shadow of his Father.

And that is a beautiful story to experience.

A Biblical Coming of Age Story Unfolds in The Fallen
The Battle of Good vs Evil unfolds in The Fallen

The Artwork

The Fallen is developed by MYNDFURY and has art created by the GOXTOON artists. The collaboration of GOXTOON and MYNDFURY is a winning combination with a proven track record in the Manga world.

What stands out as great in The Fallen is the seamless transitions that GOXTOON developed between each Chapter.

Despite artist changes from Chapter to Chapter the visuals and vibe of the story remains consistent. Even more than consistent though—the art is always dynamic and stunning.

The depiction of the many trials Ezekiel must face on his journey are so well crafted that I spent many a minute per panel just soaking up the impressive art.

It’s THAT great.

GOXTOON delivering on impressive art!

Why Read Comics on Voyceme?

For those who may not have heard of the VOYCEME website yet—shame on you!

VoyceMe is the first English original platform for manga, webcomics, manhwa, mangaka, and light novels! It’s similar to The Webtoons online service in that if you are a comic creator you can sign up and start posting in minutes!

VoyceMe offers valid opportunities for creators to generate revenue and they are committed to promoting the content on their site! Just set up an account and confirm the verification email and BOOM—you are in! So, if you write a comic, or have created, edited, or drawn something awesome, take a look at Voyceme as a viable publishing option!

VoyceMe is home to the Critical hits GOD GAME, THE MAD GATE, and BANDIT KING. There are quite literally hundreds of genres to choose from with each one published in weekly chapters!

The best part (besides the awesome art and stories, of course) is that you can read everything FOR FREE! There are options to Follow and “Tip” the Creators (which you should!) but Voyceme runs a “Free to read” platform on its website.

The Battle of Good vs Evil unfolds in The Fallen
The Fallen by Voyceme

The Battle of Good vs Evil unfolds in The Fallen?

I had the chance to sit down and speak recently with The Fallen writer Jordan Troche (pronounced like LOKI).

Troche stated that he envisions a slight shift in the upcoming Chapters of The Fallen. He shared that there was a conscious decision to keep a relentless pace to the action but that’s changing soon.

His plans are for The Fallen to have a break in the action to further develop the characters and discover who they are.

Jordan Troche also shared that he sees his Manga becoming an epic ongoing adventure on Voyceme. One that he can continue indefinitely with a steady EVERY FRIDAY release date.

There is a heavy inspiration from the Kentaro Miura Manga, BERSERK and it shows in Troche’s writing. There is a grandness and underlying feeling of something bigger at play as each Chapter unfolds.

Simply put – this is a great story that you SHOULD NOT miss. Jump in now to see how the battle of good vs evil unfolds in The Fallen!

Azazel sends his regards!
Azazel sends his regards!

What other Free Comics are on Voyceme?

VOYCEME has countless options in the manga, webcomic, manhwa, mangaka, and light novels categories! And we can’t stress this enough—THESE ARE ALL FREE COMICS!!!

Want to learn more about MAD GATE, BANDIT KING, GOD GAME & MORE?

Nerd Night News has you covered!

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