Studio 666: A Horrific Love Letter From The Foo Fighters

Studio 666: A Horrific Love Letter From The Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighter Deliver a Labor of Love with Studio 666

To be perfectly clear. Studio 666 is NOT a great movie. But it isn’t that bad of a movie either. If your idea of entertainment is Psycho Goreman, Willy’s Wonderland or anything from Troma Entertainment then this movie is for you. The film stars the acclaimed rock band Foo Fighters as themselves which is icing on the blood filled cake! Studio 666 is miles from perfection but it is a horrific love letter from the Foo Fighters to Horror fans everywhere.

The premise of the movie is straight forward… by Horror standards at least. The Foo Fighters (Yes. They play themselves in the movie!) use an empty mansion steeped in grisly rock and roll history to record their upcoming 10th album. Before the rocking can begin though, Foo Fighter front man, Dave Grohl, falls neck deep into some supernatural devilry that could spell doom not only for album but for his bandmates’ very souls.

Studio 666 is a Horrific Love Letter from The Foo Fighters
Front Man, Dave Grohl, has his finger on the pulse of Horror in Studio 666.

Studio 666 exposes Foo Fighters as Horror fans at heart

The charm of Studio 666 is the amateur giddiness and true friendship that the Band brings into the picture. It’s hard not to think that Saturday Night live or, better yet, Funny or Die would have been an amazing home for this concept. The chemistry between them is undeniable and adds to the enjoyment of the movie because hey, it is hard to be miserable when the folks on the screen are having such a great time!

Like I said, this film has charm and a great personality which is good because the rest of the film is… homely. Foo Fighters are Rock Gods, but they can NOT act. Like, at all. (Front man, Dave Grohl and drummer, Taylor Hawkins being very generous exceptions.) The plot is thin, and the script is weak, but if you purposely sat down to watch Studio 666… NONE of that matters. You came here to watch a Rock Band duel with the Devil, Baby!

Scroll down IF YOU DARE! (Because there are a few light SPOILERS!)

Did Dave Grohl bite off more than he can chew with Studio 666?

Studio 666 is out for Blood

The premise of Studio 666 revolves around a demonically possessed Dave Grohl as he attempts to stop his bandmates from locating a book of spells. Because why you may ask? This unholy book is the only hope to stop the demonic onslaught and save Dave from eternal damnation.


The initial set up is a bit tedious and the comedy sometimes feels like an inside joke among the band. This is cool as a fly on the wall, but it gets stale rather quickly. The fun and gore kick in after Grohl is possessed. His acting pre-possession is awkward and stiff, but he comes into his own once the fangs pop out. The vision of Grohl thrashing in a pool of Holy Water is classic and makes the rest of the film digestible.

In typical B-Movie Horror fashion, nobody is safe from the obligatory over the top death scene. Bandmates included! I won’t ruin any of the actual death scenes since those are where the real gore hounds show up. But I will say that dead raccoons, flying symbols and chainsaws did NOT go unused in the making of this film.

Ultimately Studio 666 is about 45 minutes too long and suffers from a lack of direction. I have no doubt that the idea for this movie started out as a “Hey, you know what would be cool…” conversation during one of their jam sessions. The fact that it was filmed at the same mansion that Medicine at Midnight was recorded just adds to the lore!

Studio 666 is a Horrific Love Letter from The Foo Fighters
The acting in Studio 666 is at times hard to digest.

Is Studio 666 Cult Classic Bound?

Studio 666 is a cult film in the making and WILL be a “go to” movie to watch while… altered. At its core it is a fun movie full of over-the-top moments and wink at the camera self-awareness. There is nothing new or original about this journey and that’s alright. This is pure unadulterated Popcorn Horror with a splash of Rock and Roll genius on the side.

I’ve been a Horror fan all my life and didn’t know I wanted this movie until I saw it. My head recognizes the flaws that this movie has but my black heart is simply overjoyed that something like this even exists. When the blood dries and the guts are mopped up Studio 666 is a Horrific Love Letter from The Foo Fighters.

Studio 666 was directed by B. J. McDonnell and based on a story from the wicked mind of Foo Fighter lead singer, Dave Grohl. Screenplay written by Jeff Buhler and Rebecca Hughes. Dave Grohl takes center stage and stars, alongside his bandmates Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett and Rami Jaffee. All of them made their acting debut in this film! Whitney Cummings, Leslie Grossman, Will Forte, Jenna Ortega, Lionel Richie and Jeff Garlin co-star in this over the top Comedy/Horror film.

Check out the trailer below for more gory goodness!

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