A Star Wars TTRPG in Need of New Hope

Star Wars TTRPG in Need of New Hope X Wing

Many would-be Jedi desire a stable gaming experience and fans have been left once again with A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope.

The outlook became bleak when Fantasy Flight Games stopped production of all Star Wars RPG games in February 2020.

Then The Edge Studio team entered from the shadows to announce their involvement in October of 2021. They have since been quietly developing a new era for the game.

The BIG question is—what will that look like?

Edge Studio is tight-lipped about specific ideas for the Star Wars TTPG future, but all signs look promising.

The Studio is up for all challenges and is showing dedication toward resurrecting a Star Wars TTRPG in need of a New Hope.

A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope.
The Three Main Core Modules

So, What Exactly Is the Star Wars TTRPG?

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of what a Star Wars TTRPG is allow me to describe how cool it is!

First off, this is no video game. This is a Table Top Role Playing Game influenced by games like Dungeons and Dragons. Its intended purpose is to provide details and a location from the Star Wars Universe for a group of players to create a science fiction journey of their own.

There are several different types of races, careers, and specialties to choose from. Spaceships, Droids, and even lightsabers are not out of place here.

The focus is on storytelling and character development by engaging in combat and role-playing. A Game Master provides narration and guidance to a team of player characters as they all journey through the story.

The Unique Dice Set of the Star Wars TTRPG
The Unique Dice Set of the Star Wars TTRPG

Unique Way to Roll

The Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG was introduced in 2012 and immediately set itself apart from previous iterations with its dice mechanics.

Unique from the D6 and D20 systems used in earlier Star Wars RPGs, Fantasy Flight Games introduced colorful “fate” dice to the mix. These dice with symbols rather than numbers determine action success as well as determine advantages or threats.

This gameplay mechanism, complicated at first for traditional D20 users, adds a depth of roleplaying possibilities to each die roll. It’s a cool addition and a fun way to “succeed” even when you “fail.” It also adds another level of engagement to combat rounds as each roll can influence future gameplay so much.

A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope
Many of the Supplement Sources for Star Wars TTRPG

A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope

There are three basic game modules available: EDGE OF THE EMPIRE, AGE OF THE REBELLION, and FORCE AND DESTINY. These three modules can be interwoven together or played as separate adventures.

There’s also a standalone adventure called THE FORCE AWAKENS that is best played separately from the other modules. This module is inspired by the Disney release of Star Wars The Force Awakens. It allows you to play in a new era with other players against the First Order.

The period in the standard modules follows the events of the Galactic Civil War era. It gives the player every opportunity to rub elbows with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or Princess Leia. This adds a unique flair for fans as they act out a story alongside their favorite heroes. They are part of the adventure, not just a spectator in the audience.

Since this is a game about force and destiny it is not outside the realm of possibility that you could find your character riding shotgun with Boba Fett aboard the Millenium Falcon as heroes destroying the Death Star. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Who knows, if you choose to embrace the Dark Side a visit by Darth Vader may even be your destiny. With no script and limitless choices, the sky is truly the limit.

A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope
Choose your Falcon

The Many Paths of the Jedi

The storytelling and gameplay are in the Game Master and the Player’s hands.

Fantasy Flight’s description of each Adventure sheds light on what makes each module unique.

The Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion™ RPG thrusts you directly into the ongoing Galactic Civil War between the evil Empire and the rag-tag Rebel Alliance. Woefully outnumbered and outgunned by the Empire’s vast military, you and your friends may undertake a wide variety of missions. No matter your duty, no matter your motivation, this is your chance to play your part in the cause for galactic freedom. Be a hero. Join the Rebellion!”

Join the Rebellion!

A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope. Star Wars: Age of Rebellion
Age of Rebellion

“Explore locations where the Empire’s laws and influence are dimmed or muted. Meet shady characters, independent thinkers, and insurgents looking to break free of Imperial law. In a campaign for the Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire™ RPG, bounty hunters, smugglers, scholars, and explorers enjoy grim and gritty adventures in places where morality is gray and nothing is certain.”

No Disintegration!

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
Edge of the Empire

“The power of the Force flows through you. All your life you have felt it and used it, perhaps even unconsciously. Now, at last, you have found others like you who can sense and manipulate the Force, others willing to risk their lives for the sake of justice, for the sake of restoring balance to the galaxy. In Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™, you and your companions may seek the secrets of the outlawed Jedi Order, lurk in the shadows, defend the downtrodden, or join the Rebellion. But beware the lure of the dark side, or you may slowly succumb to its temptations!”

There is no Try.

A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope
Force and Destiny

“The Force Awakens™: Beginner Game is a perfect entry into the Star Wars roleplaying experience for players of all skill levels. It features everything you need to get started – even if you’ve never before participated in a roleplaying game. Four complete character portfolios, custom dice, and a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure throw you into someone else’s shoes and carry you from the sands of Jakku deep into the heart of a mystery that could change the course of the galaxy.”

A Stand Alone Saga

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Force Awakens

During its time leading the charge, Fantasy Flight Games also developed several Supplements, Sourcebooks, Add-On Adventures, and more to help you win the fight.

The library of Star Wars RPG content is impressive… Most impressive.

Star Wars TTRPG
Star Wars TTRPG

A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope

You may be asking, “Why does this matter—If Edge Studios is taking over who cares what Fantasy Flight made!” Great Question.

Here is the answer!

In the official Announcement, The Head of Edge Studio, Gilles Garnier stated:

“We are excited about the opportunity of working on one of the most beloved IPs in the world. We want to follow in the footsteps of FFG’s fantastic work over the years while bringing our vision of what a Star Wars RPG should be.”

Sam Gregor-Stewart, the former lead developer on Edge of the Empire for Fantasy Flight Games and current RPG Manager for Edge Studios, added:

 “Star Wars has always been one of my favorite settings, ever since I was a kid. I loved my time working on the game lines Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny. Now, with Edge (Studios), I’m thrilled to have a chance to try something new! I hope we can create something fresh for our fans, while at the same time creating something that is going to awaken the same passion for Star Wars in a new generation that I felt growing up.”

A New Hope?
A New Hope?

The Chosen One?

This initial announcement left many questions about what the future of a Star Wars TTRPG would look like. Questions that are largely yet to be answered. When multiple companies produce a game questions are inevitable after all.

Further addressed in the Official Announcement is a commitment to reprint and redistribute existing Star Wars TTRPG products. That is huge and a very welcome direction by Edge Studio.

It’s also a direction that the Studio has held itself to!

In March 2022 Edge Studios released an update that announced plans to send NINE formerly out of print books back to printers. These books represent a commitment to continue the legacy that Fantasy Flight began with Edge of the Empire in 2012.

Initial Update from Edge Studio
Edge Studio Update on the fate of the TTRPG

On May 4th, 2022 it was also announced that MORE reprints from the Fantasy Flight library are coming. The announcement concluded by stating that Edge Studios will be pushing to ensure all out-of-print books get back to store shelves.

Edge Studios Tweet on Star Wars Day!

A Star Wars TTRPG in need of New Hope

I’m excited, as a long-time player of the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG and as a fan of Star Wars in general. The fact that Edge Studio is nurturing the fans speaks volumes to me.

It’s too early to predict what Edge Studio is producing for us in the future or what changes are coming, but one thing is for sure. They are making all the right moves to establish success by breathing life into a Star Wars RPG in need of a New Hope.

Make sure to visit these sites for more ways to improve your Star Wars TTRPG experience!



The Jedi Live On!!
The Jedi Live On!!

Have you played The Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games? What are your thoughts about the direction Edge Studio is taking the game? Make your point in the Comments section below!

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