Star Wars Lost Stars Manga Volume One: A Hidden Gem

Should you read the Lost Stars Manga? Star Wars Lost Stars is one of the best Star Wars stories out there. It was penned by Claudia Gray and adapted into a manga by Yusaku Komiyama. The story follows two young lovers who are pulled into the Galactic Civil War. Volume One of Star Wars Lost Stars is a must read for any Star Wars fan!

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Star Wars Lost Stars Manga Volume One

What is Star Wars Lost Stars About ?

Lost Stars debuted on April 20th, 2019. It was part of the “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens” series of books. The 551 page novel was penned by best selling author, Claudia Gray. The story is about two young lovers, Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree, who are pulled into the Galactic Civil War.

Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree grew up together on the planet Jelucan, and their childhood friendship quickly blossoms into romance. But when Thane & Ciena join the Imperial Star-fighter Academy, they find themselves torn between duty and honor.

Lost Stars follows these two friends as their lives are forever changed by the Galactic Civil War.

Ciena Ree

Star Wars Lost Stars Manga

2018 marked the year that Star Wars Lost Stars was adapted into a manga. The original story Claudia Gray created plus art from Yusaku Komiyama turned out to be a fantastic combination.

The Star Wars Lost Stars manga follows the original story pretty closely. It is condensed down to three volumes with some of the story arcs being cut out or shortened. The Star Wars Lost Stars manga is a great way to experience the story if you are not a fan of traditional novels, or if you want to experience the story in a different way.

Volume one of Lost Stars follows the journey of Thane and Ciena from their childhood on Jelucan to their time at the Imperial Star-fighter Academy. Without getting into major spoilers, volume one leaves off on a major cliff hanger leaving you begging for more.

Star Wars Lost Stars Manga Volume One

Is Star Wars Lost Stars Manga Good?

The manga adaptation of Lost Stars is not only good, it’s great. Yusaku Komiyama’s artwork is fantastic and he does a great job of bringing this Star Wars story to life. Claudia Gray’s story is well written and engaging, and it’s easy to see why this story is considered a hidden gem.

Claudia Gray delivers an all-time-great-must-read story that you will not want to miss.

When I was reading the Lost Stars adaptation, I was reminded of why I fell in love with the original novel. I was worried seeing the art that it would interfere with how I envisioned the characters and story in my head from reading the novel. It doesn’t interfere at all, if anything I love it more. If this was a movie it would have been a perfect casting of characters.

Our main characters, Thane and Ciena, have fantastic chemistry. They are two people who want to do what is right, even if it means being on different sides of a war. The Star Wars Lost Stars manga is definitely worth picking up, especially if you are a fan of the original novel.

Something the adaptation did was leave me hopeful we will either get a live action or animated movie or series next. Please Disney, make that happen.

Star Wars Lost Stars Manga Volume One

When Does Star Wars Lost Stars Take Place?

Lost Stars spans all three film trilogies. It is the connective tissue that Star Wars so desperately needed. Claudia Gray does an excellent job of filling in the gaps between Episodes III and IV, as well as linking The Force Awakens.

Prequelists, Original Trilogy fans and Sequelists will love this book. It’s a love letter to all of Star Wars.

Thane Kyrell

Star Wars Lost Stars Sequel

Fans are hopeful that Claudia Gray will pen a sequel to Lost Stars. The story is so good that it would be a shame if we never got to see what happens next with Thane and Ciena.

With that being said Lost Stars does deliver a satisfying ending. If Claudia Gray never writes a sequel I would be okay with that, because the story we got was so good.

I do believe that the majority of people who read Lost Stars however do want a sequel. It is worthy of one.

If we do end up getting a sequel to Lost Stars I for one would love to see another manga adaptation done by Yusaku Komiyama.


At the end of the day, Star Wars: Lost Stars is an amazing story that should not be missed by Star Wars fans. It’s a hidden gem that deserves more attention. If you have not read the original novel I highly recommend picking it up, and if you want to experience the story in a different way I suggest checking out the manga adaptation.

What are your thoughts? Have you read either the Star Wars: Lost Stars novel or manga? If so, what did you think? Would you like to see a sequel? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Wow! I want to read this manga now! I have been on a star wars graphic novel binge buying a few stories at time. Can’t wait to give this one a read also!!

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