A New Direction for D&D with Wizards Presents

A New Direction for D&D with Wizards Presents

Wizards of the Coast LLC planning Preview Stream for Roleplaying Game Fans

Big things are on the horizon as a New Direction for D&D and Magic the Gathering will be unveiled at Wizards Presents! This follows the already HUGE announcements that came out during D&D Direct in April 2022.

You may have already heard about the digital magazine Dragon+ officially announcing its final issue in July, 202. In the announcement a nugget of hope was planted for big things to come. Wizards of the Coast LLC (WotC) wrote that they plan to make several major announcements about the future of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering on August 18th during its first-ever Wizards Presents digital stream.

Wizards Presents is a preview stream that will shine a light on all Wizards of the Coast LLC (WotC) Products. The Digital Stream will broadcast on August 18 and promises to have BIG news for D&D and Magic fans! It is the “biggest day of announcements yet” and will also include previews for Dominaria United, and other upcoming Magic: The Gathering (MTG) and Dungeons & Dragons releases.

A taste of things to come
A taste of things to come.

For MTG, the set names for all the upcoming sets through 2023 will be revealed. Additional Secret Lair and Universes Beyond products will be discussed as well.

This is great news for fans of the roleplaying game giant and a welcome boost of excitement for the fans. But what about Dragon+? Is this truly the end of the long running Dungeons & Dragons Digital Guide?

A New Direction for D&D with Wizards Presents
Issue 41 of Dragon+, End of an Era?

Dragon+: THE place to go for Game Play and Game World Tips

Wizards of the Coast and Dialect introduced Dragon+ as the digital sequel to Dragon magazine in 2015. Dragon+ is a collection of guides, discussion, previews and put a focus on promoting official Dungeons & Dragons products.

The digital magazine signaled the end after 41 amazing issues. In the final issue published on July 20th WotC confirmed the end of the digital magazine as we know it.

Wizards of the Coast Digital Marketing Manager, Bart Carroll stated:

“We’re incredibly proud of Dragon+‘s success in reaching audiences through its app space as well as dragonmag.com. “However, as we evolve D&D’s presence online, we’ve decided that Dragon+ 41 will be the final issue we’ll be publishing in the current format.” 

A New Direction for D&D with Wizards Presents
Digital Magazine – Dragon+ is a perfect marriage of D&D and MTG fandoms.

What exactly IS Dragon+ Magazine

The digital magazine includes interviews with Wizards of the Coast designers, segments on Forgotten Realms lore, and previews of upcoming Official Dungeons & Dragons products and books.

It also has articles focusing on D&D streams and published game guides on the DMs Guild, a marketplace where third-party publishers sell game material using D&D IP.

All 41 digital issues of Dragon+ are still available on the Wizards of the Coast website. If you haven’t checked them out yet – Do it before they are GONE!

A New Direction for D&D with Wizards Presents
Gameplay and World Building tips galore.

Beyond What You Can Find at Your Local Game Store

Select features planned for Dragon+ are now on D&D Beyond, which Wizards of the Coast purchased in early 2022. An amazingly Indepth article focused on the creators of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel appeared on D&D Beyond last month in fact. The article is written by Dragon+ editor-in-chief Matt Chapman proving that the spirit of Dragon+ is living on.

D&D Beyond is also providing frequent previews of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space as the release quickly approaches. The D&D Beyond previews provide detailed overviews of playable races and the unique monsters found in the Spelljammer adventure.

Only the future knows what will become of Dragon+ or what secrets will be announced at Wizards Presents but one thing is certain. Wizards of the Coast and Roleplaying Games as a whole CONTINUE to grow in popularity and pop culture significance.


Dragon+ and MTG roleplaying
Prepare for a Brave New World of Roleplaying

A New Direction for D&D with Wizards Presents

What announcements would you like to hear from Wizards Presents?

Would you like to see Dragon+ return digitally or even in print?

Are you ready for A New Direction for D&D with Wizards Presents?


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