MORE Great D&D Streams (That Are NOT Critical Role)

MORE Great D&D Streams (That Are NOT Critical Role)

We recently released a list of The Best D&D Streams (That Aren’t Critical Role) but after TONS of feedback are adding MORE Great D&D Streams (That Are NOT Critical Role). We quickly discovered that the Tabletop RPG community is loyal to their favorite shows and is NOT afraid to share their passion.

It has never been MORE clear that Critical Role is and will continue to be the Undisputed KING of Streaming Table Top RPGs. It has earned that spot with its dedication to the craft and the sheer joy they put into every episode.

But there ARE hundreds of other streams out there that rival and some that dare I say… have just as rabid of a dedicated fanbase.

Seeing the variety of D&D Streams and Podcasts that the community loves we knew we had no choice BUT to check them out!

So, we did.

All of them.

We are excited by the sheer number of entertaining and compelling shows out there. From Twitch, Youtube, Spotify, and everywhere in between there is no shortage of talented gamers. The real challenge came in narrowing down the TOP FIVE shows to experience on your phone, computer, or other devices.

We already outlined High Rollers, Dungeons & Daddies, Not Another D&D Podcast, Dungeon Dudes, and Dice Legenz in The Best D&D Streams (That Aren’t Critical Role). All GREAT shows with amazing campaigns that if you haven’t checked out you really should.

A page has turned though, and the next leg of our journey is to bring you MORE great D&D streams that you can’t miss!

MORE Great D&D Streams That You Can't Miss
MORE Great D&D Streams (That Are NOT Critical Role) – The Glass Cannon

The Glass Cannon Network: An Explosive Stream that IS NOT Dungeons and Dragons

The first stream is The Glass Cannon Network. Glass Cannon is an RPG Entertainment Network whose sole mission is to bring viewers captivating fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, and horror stories. The key with Glass Cannon Network is that they achieve this and remain accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike.

The immersive storytelling is full of irreverent humor and has a natural feel of watching a game from over the shoulder of the GM and players. This provides an experience that closely resembles what it’s like to sit at a game table with your closest friends.

This show is unique to the list as they utilize a Pathfinder world setting over a traditional Dungeons and Dragons format.

Glass Cannon Network can achieve all of this and not sacrifice Professional high-quality audio and video. The show is just beautiful in fact. The Stream combines memorable party characters, instructional play, and a commitment to develop its growing fanbase.

The Glass Cannon Network is without a doubt a novel and innovative step in podcasting, streaming, and live performance.

They have an impressive catalog of created shows with Episode 326 being released on May 17, 2022. This episode is the long-anticipated conclusion to the SEVEN YEAR Giantslayer Campaign.

Yeah. The Glass Cannons ARE impressive!

MORE Great D&D Streams That You Can't Miss
Let the Oxventure begin

Oxventure adds charm to the world’s greatest roleplaying game

This D&D stream’s backstory began with the fateful merging of two video game review channels, OutsideXbox and OutsideXtra. The Oxventure DM, Johnny Chiodini, lead the charge and guided the group in a transition from playing video games to playing tabletop RPGs instead.

It was an idea that paid off as Oxventure has blossomed into one of the most charming and hilarious D&D live stream shows running right now.

The Oxventurers play “rules-light” with an emphasis on telling the most entertaining story they can. The true stars of the show are the cast of characters. Each character stands out and is given their moment in the spotlight without it feeling forced or scripted.

There is everything from a shameless pirate rogue, a dimwitted half-orc bard, and a well-meaning but accident-prone wood-elf druid. The stream is NOT short on charm or laughs. If you love Critical RoleThe Oxventure Guild is a must-watch.

It is fun, chaotic, engaging, and hilarious. This is far from an Adventure League show though so if you are a rules stickler or are prone to say “Well… Actually” then this MAY NOT be the show for you.

The Black Dice Society
MORE Great D&D Streams (That Are NOT Critical Role) – The Black Dice Society

Black Dice Society brings the Horror to the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch

When it’s time to turn on something a bit darker and mysterious look no further than Black Dice Society. Black Dice Society is a D&D campaign streamed on the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch site.

The storyline takes place in the horror-filled world of Ravenloft. This stream has the chills and sinister atmosphere for a more horror-based D&D campaign and it is played beautifully.

This dark, spooky, and horrifying Ravenloft campaign is home to vampires, werewolves, zombies, and all things that go bump in the night. Dungeon Master, B. Dave Walters, leads the party with style and a tone which at times feels at home on Broadway.

There is a definite dedication to the craft of showmanship in this Dungeons and Dragons stream. The party itself is full of haunted and cursed characters all with the common goal of making it out alive. Or at least MOSTLY alive.

This is a stream specifically created for those who like their D&D on the macabre side. Not to say there aren’t laughs and moments of brevity but the full intent with Black Dice Society is to bring the fear!

Ravenloft is one of my favorite classic campaigns and I’m excited to see what the D4 team has in store.

The show streams live every Friday at 01:00 CET with previous episodes on the official D&D Youtube channel.

MORE Great D&D Streams That You Can't Miss
D&D Beyond’s: D4

D4. An innovative live-play stream with numerous options for video content

D4 is a D&D 5th edition that films live-play streams sponsored by D&D Beyond, Eldritch Foundry, and more. It is unique in its use of dual Dungeon Masters. The Co-DMs, Dustin Fletcher and Devan Henderson lead a diverse cast of characters through a customized version of the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist World campaign.

The two DMs play the game simultaneously, playing off one another to bring the story and characters to life. This sounds far more complicated than it plays out. Both Fletcher and Henderson work well with each other and seamlessly tag-team through an immersive storytelling experience.

It is quite impressive to watch.

The true beauty and connection come directly from the cast of characters. Saesha Valispard (Katie Downey), Galanodel (Raya Sunshine), Harold Hovelton (Ethan Monsour), Vaas (Patrick Logan), and Veomileana Gathala (Katie Adkins) steal EVERY show.

This is a rare example of a show that is as impressive to listen to on a Podcast as it is to watch on Twitch or YouTube. D4 deserves to be on every gamer’s “MUST WATCH” list and is easily a Top Five D&D stream available right now!

Watch new episodes every Sunday night at 7:00pm EST / 4:00 pm PST on

Catch up on previous episodes on the D4 YouTube channel:

Or listen to the show via podcast (podcast episodes are released on a one-week delay) through Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, or any podcast site.

You can catch new episodes every Sunday at 7:00 pm EST / 4:00 pm PST on

Dimension 20
Future King – Dimension 20

Dimension 20 has established a critical role in gamer humor

Brennan Lee Mulligan launched Dimension 20 in 2018 with the intent to emulate a nostalgic 1980s tabletop gaming experience. Dimension 20 utilizes the 5th edition of D&D and has established itself as a top-tier streaming option alongside Critical Role. 

There are currently TWELVE seasons of Dimension 20 with each season alternating between the Main Quest and a Side Quest. The difference is that Main Quests are 16 or so episodes and Side Quests hover around 6 episodes.

A Dropout Original Series, Dimension 20 has a variety of show options from Fantasy High to The Unsleeping City. While Fantasy High is considered by many to be the standout option there really is something for everyone on the Dimension 20 streams.

A personal favorite campaign of mine is Escape from the Bloodkeep. This is a short campaign where the cast plays evil characters. Awesome right!

Dungeon Master Brennan Lee Mulligan does an amazing job balancing comedy, drama, and improvisation. The ability to combine endearing characters’ storylines with laugh-out-loud humor is what sets Dimension 20 apart from ALL other D&D streams. 

Dimension 20 streams their RPG tabletop live internet play on Dropout every Wednesday. This is another example of a show that D&D rule sticklers may struggle to accept as the show prioritizes fun over rules.

If you’re able to drop your guard and embrace the stream for what it is then you are in for a unique experience. One that might just change the way you experience Dungeons and Dragons.

And that is a GOOD THING.

The different Dimension 20 D&D shows can be found on its YouTube channel and Spotify as well as the Dropout Website.

MORE Great D&D Streams That You Can't Miss
Put the Game in your Hands
Check out the Initial Article in our (NOT Critical Role) series

MORE Great D&D Streams (That Are NOT Critical Role)

Whether living vicariously through the players or studying experienced gamers navigating D&D streams can help both beginners and experienced players alike. Watching streams is a great way to learn techniques that your party can use or find inspiration when running your campaign.

Many deserving streams shine in their own way and many that maybe you feel should be on this list instead. The terms Best and GREAT are sometimes hard to measure. That’s the wonderful part of D&D streaming, there is something for everyone.

Who knows… next month we may have EVEN MORE Great D&D Streams (That Are NOT Critical Role)!

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What do you think? Did we miss one of your favorite streams? Tell us your ideas below in the comments!

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