Kickstarter Comics To Back Now

Kickstarter Comics to Back Now

June is upon us so it is time to talk about some awesome Kickstarter comics to back NOW! There are THOUSANDS of Independent Comic Book Campaign live on Kickstarter today so narrowing it down was a feat unto itself!

The following Comics and their Creators stand out though and are all deserving of support. Let’s check them out!

Kickstarter Comics to Back Now
PBOW from Fried Comics

PBOW Is A Tarantino Fever Dream In All The Right Ways

Fried Comics is the Proud purveyor of offbeat, irreverent pulp fiction since 2013. PBOW (Pregnant Bitches of War) is the brainchild of FRIED Comics Head Chefs Clay Adams and Alexandre O. Philippe.

One of the MANY cool things about Clay, Alexandre, and Fried Comics is that they are super-backers on Kickstarter (600 campaigns backed… 600!), and always give back to the indie community. These people are the real deal!

PBOW aka Pregnant Bitches of War launched in 2013 and quickly became a cult hit, selling through the Fried Comics website, ComiXology, and Amazon.

A crazy mix of over-the-top horror, sci-fi, grindhouse, and dark humor, it was a roller-coaster ride exploring a dark future where six pregnant women squared off against… well, Dad.

Here’s the pitch:

“Six pregnant women go back in time and accidentally kill a young Hitler — unleashing a nightmare future! Now with mad scientist Nikola Tesla acting as Charlie to their Angels, they must save the world from the evil Exalted Father… before their water breaks!”

Think of it as The Handmaid’s Tale meets Kill Bill.

This Crazy Campaign ends soon – June 9th – so make sure to throw your support toward this offbeat Comic and its Kickass Creators.

Kickstarter Comics to Back Now
Spider Squirrel and Trash Panda

Spider Squirrel Is Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed

Creator Charlie McElvy returns to Kickstarter to deliver another round of Spider Squirrel. You couldn’t ask for a more energetic and dedicated Creator at the helm for this superhero epic.

In this iteration, Spider-Squirrel is reunited with Trash Panda, but now they’re facing more bad guys than they know how to handle.

Will the other heroes of the Xion Universe jump in to help?

How will Spider-Squirrel finally land a decent date?

Will the writers finally explain what the hell is going on?

How will this story wrap up in just 44-pages?

Will the heroes get indigestion from “superheroing” too soon after eating? 


Spider-Squirrel is an entertaining, riotously hilarious, sometimes silly super-hero comic in the vein of Blue Beetle & Booster Gold. This issue of SPIDER-SQUIRREL is a 44-page, Teen+ rated comic book that follows the first two successful Kickstarters!

The creative team consists of well know comic creators Ariel Medel (penciler), Juan Castro (inks), Ross Hughes, Nestor Redulla, Jr., and Omi Remalante (colors). HdE and Full Court Press (letters), Vito Delsante (edits), and Charlie McElvy (creator/writer) round out this all-star team.


The Spider Squirrel & Trash Panda Kickstarter Campaign ends on June 11th so ACT FAST!

Savage Sasquanaut
Kickstarter Comics to Back Now

Savage Sasquanaut Takes You On A Journey You Won’t Want To End

Wes Hartman brings back Bigfoot to Kickstarter in this massive 140-plus page space odyssey.

Wes spent the last 15+ years working with the biggest and best creators and publishers in the comic industry. The dude knows his stuff and he lays it all out in the Savage Sasquanaut saga.

SAVAGE SASQUANAUT features a diverse ensemble of characters led by the legendary Bigfoot searching for their new sense of purpose while on the run from a megalomaniacal Empress who is determined to bend them to her will.

Bigfoot becomes an astronaut, travels the cosmos, nut-punches, and arm-wrestles aliens, steals starships, battles an intergalactic empire, tangles with a dream-eating tentacle monster, and confronts his biggest fears.

If you’re a fan of STAR TREK, FIREFLY, FARSCAPE, TMNT, and BUCK ROGERS this book is right up your alley. Can you imagine Jack Burton from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA replacing Luke Skywalker in STAR WARS?

If so, then you have an idea of what SAVAGE SASQUANAUT has to offer!

The Campaign ends on June 30th so check it out and throw Bigfoot some love!

Collectors (variant cover)
Collectors (variant cover)

Collectors Delivers A Heartfelt Peek Behind The Curtain Of A Comic Lover’s Life

Creator Eddie deAngelini is a cartoonist and long-time comic book fan. Collectors is loosely based on his own life, marriage, and comic collecting obsession. Eddie created Collectors as a love letter to the pop culture phenomenon of comic books and to all the spouses who put up with it!

Collectors is the long-running comic strip that pokes fun at geek culture and the franchises that we all love, like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and more! It’s not just about being a comic book nerd, but also about the significant others who are along for the ride! 

This Kickstarter campaign features Collectors volume 1. It is a MONSTER 200-page trade paperback that collects the first three out of print annual comic books.

This hilarious book with be printed as a softcover with two covers: the main cover homaging Detective Comics #38 by Eddie deAngelini and a Batman #9 homage variant cover by IDW cover artist Jay Sullivan.

Throw in a fantastic forward by cartoonist, comics historian, and publisher Craig Yoe and you’ve got a super top-notch book! This sucker’s gonna look good on your bookshelf for sure!

The Collectors is a genuine reflection of A Comic Loving Fanboy and the spouse who loves him even more because of it! A great addition to ANY collection!

The Campaign ends on June 17th so save some room on your bookshelf and Back this book!

Kickstarter Comics to Back Now
Mara: Issue 1

The Much Anticipated Mara Does Not Disappoint

Stuffed Rock Studio brings Mara: Issue 1 to Kickstarter to develop the webcomic into a physical form. Writer Dylan Goss has set his sights on the big picture as he brings that story to a wider audience.

The art is beautifully done and the story is amazing. There is also some pretty sweet swag for the D&D crowd!

The first chapter of Mara follows the titular character, moments before she’s caught in a bloody tribal war. Unwilling to allow the last of his tribe to die, a guardian wolf spirit descends upon Mara, taking her from a young girl in a small fishing village to an avatar of revenge.

This chapter focuses on Mara, a young girl from a small fishing village, as she tries to manage the power of an ancestral spirit she wasn’t prepared to receive. 

It follows her as she leaves the broken tatters of her tribe into the larger world on a quest for revenge. Along the way she learns how much bigger the world is than herself, and how deeply entrenched her enemy really is.

This gorgeous book is a must-have! Don’t wait! The campaign ends on June 29th

Kickstarter Comics to Back Now
Kickstarter Comics to Back Now

Kickstarter Comics to Back Now

That’s the Kickstarter Campaign rundown for June 2022. Creating Independent Comics is a grind and every penny can be the difference between just an idea and a physical book. SO back, support, and share these campaigns!

Which deserving Comics or Graphic Novels need a spotlight?

Tell us what other Kickstarter Comics to Back Now. Let us know in the comment section below!

While you’re here check out some of our past Kickstarter articles and remember ALWAYS SUPPORT INDIE COMICS!

New and Amazing Kickstarter Comics to Support

The Best Kickstarter Comics To Support Right Now

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