Kairosoft Games on Steam: Don’t Miss Out on These Gems

Kairosoft Games on Steam

The developers behind some of the most successful business simulations games released on mobile devices started making their games available on your friendly neighborhood PC gaming platform. That’s right, you can now find Kairosoft games on Steam!

Starting in the 90s, Kairosoft released game after game using the same recipe: take a business or town and make it flourish. The devs make minor tweaks to their formula from game to game to keep things different, but the recipe is consistent so you always know what you’re getting (in a good way).

For example, the first game I tried was Cafeteria Nipponica. It is a game where you start with one restaurant and then open a chain. After that, I wanted to see how the formula worked in Kairosoft’s other games because the formula is simple and fun while allowing you to express your creativity in how you design/manage the business.

If you’re a fan of Kairosoft’s games or simply love business simulations, being able to get Kairosoft games on Steam is great news!

The release of Kairosoft games on Steam started on March 27th when the following games were made available:

Kairosoft games might be simple, but they’ve got soul

For anyone who hasn’t played these, I’d like to set expectations. Kairosoft designed these games for mobile devices, so they’re fun and simple.

They lack the depth you might expect from management games on a console or PC, but they have soul. I start up a Kairosoft game when I want to play something that won’t monopolize my day.

You can’t find all Kairosoft games on Steam, but Game Dev Story is on that list. And it is a fan favorite so if you’re going to start somewhere, start there.

While I have not been in the game development industry, people claim it is strangely accurate. You’re in charge of a software development company. And your goal is to hire staff, create new games, and keep an eye on the competition if you want to succeed.

And if those Kairosoft games on Steam I listed above don’t suit you, the following games will be released next:

In a Nutshell

Do you like simple business management sims you can enjoy without investing several hours in just to before the fun starts? I recommend Kairosoft games on Steam.

What do you think about mobile games ported to PC? Are you a fan of Kairosoft games? Which one is your favorite and why? Comment below and let us know!

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