Is Dice Legenz the Best Dungeons and Dragons Stream

Fans of the Dungeons and Dragons livestream show, Dice Legenz, swear that the New Zealand troupe beats out Critical Role as the best D&D based stream around.

Who Reigns Supreme in the World of D&D Stream

Fans of the Dungeons and Dragons livestream show, Dice Legenz, swear that the New Zealand troupe beats out Critical Role as the best D&D based stream around. Hardcore fans of Critical Role, and there are MANY, will likely scoff at this notion. That is no surprise. The skepticism usually ends once they experience what Dice Legenz has to offer.

The Dice Legenz world awaits you.
The Dice Legenz world awaits you.

Dungeons & Dragons popularity is unquestionable. 50 million people play it, 40% of them are under 25, and 40% of them are female. The fanbase is growing and it is diverse! At the same time, livestreaming has exploded as people abandon scheduled television. The online gaming platform, Twitch, averages 2.5 million Dungeons and Dragons viewers at any given moment. Dice Legenz began their tabletop Twitch streaming in January, 2022. In December, 2022, Dice Legenz was joins a select few D&D streams in the top 1% of all channels. How did that happen in JUST one year? The answer… Character. Lots of character.

Dice Legenz official Twitter Page

Dice Legenz puts Fun in the Dungeon

The Dice Legenz are self-proclaimed Tabletop Game nerds and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts. They may not be a group of “Nerdy Ass Voice Actors” like their American counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they lack an ounce of talent. Dice Legenz is comprised of TV and theater professionals that “roll dice and save the world” from their studio dungeon in New Zealand. Their combined entertainment experience shines through in each episode and with every game interaction.

Preview art for "Spies of Aratai"
Preview art for “Spies of Aratai”

The production value, sets, atmosphere, and overall delivery of each game session is on par with online streams such as Dimension20, High Rollers, DnD Beyond and yes, even Critical Role. Dice Legenz stand out in large part because of the high production value. This has been cultivated from years of working in TV and stage; their dynamic storylines; and the ability to connect with a diverse and growing audience.

The Dice Legenz crew takes on SPIES
The Dice Legenz crew takes on SPIES

The Spies of Aratai

Dice Legenz, is currently preparing to launch a 4-part live-streamed series called “The Spies of Aratai.” The Spies of Aratai will premiere March 26, 4pm EST on Twitch ( followed by

Replay availability on YouTube three days later. (

Visit the Dice Legendz official YouTube page for past D&D sessions

The 4-part series “The Spies of Aratai” is the next instalment in the Dice Legenz library. It’s preceded by the 5-part streaming event “Shadows of Aratai”.  As the title eludes, the game will take place in the city of Aratai. Aratai is a grand walled city and the default setting for the Dice Legenz Dungeons & Dragons livestream.

The city is strategically settled as the land connection between two fantasy continents. A vast ocean to the east, and a large sea to the west, has earned Aratai the title of the “Centre of the World”. People from everywhere travel through Aratai for trade. Inside the walls of Aratai you can sample the beauty and wonder of the world. Bustling open air markets and concealed illegal emporiums; shining palaces and vermin-infested hovels; temples that bring light and cults that plot in the shadows; all are found in Aratai.

New Adventures from The Best Dungeons and Dragons Stream
New Adventures from The Best Dungeons and Dragons Stream

The Dungeons and Dragons inspired Stream launches a new dawn onto Aratai

What do we know about the “Spies of Aratai” story? The agents of the queen are reeling with the shock that Tila – the God of darkness and shadows – has claimed their city. The deposed queen sends three spies on a deadly far-flung mission with nothing to rely on but their skills, a selection of magical gadgets, and each other. Success could banish Tila forever. Tila’s treachery stretches everywhere, including among the queen’s agents.

Dice Legenz producer, Vahid Qualls states “This show is going to be a super-fun mash-up of the fantasy and espionage genres. Think Mission Impossible but with swords, dice, and a lot more laughs.”

Artwork from the Dungeons and Dragons inspired world of Aratai
Artwork from the Dungeons and Dragons inspired world of Aratai

Dice Legenz or Critical Role?

The international cast includes MontyGlu, from the high-ranking Canadian streaming channel “TheUnexpectable”; CausticPhoenix, prolific USA based streamer (Captain RoBear, D20 Deathmatch); Trubie-Dylan Smith, New Zealand improvisational theatre expert and member of the Dice Legenz cast; and Vahid Qualls, New Zealand based TV professional, Dice Legenz producer and D&D gamer for 30+ years.

Aratai: The Center of the World
Aratai: The Center of the World

“Spies of Aratai” is a great jumping on place for newcomers to livestream tabletop gaming or to Dungeons and Dragons in general. With an easy to follow narrative and fast paced action, Dice Legenz shows are perfect for every gamer. From the newest of Newbs to the most jaded Dice jockey, there is something here for everyone. That’s in large part to the unpredictability of every session.

Qualls says it best when he states “In every other form of media – movies, TV, games – the narrative is predetermined… Not so with D&D livestreaming. Its improvisational nature means no-one, not the audience, or the cast, or me as the show’s producer, can predict what’s going to happen. It’s thrilling.”

The Best D&D Streams (That Aren’t Critical Role)

What is the Best D&D Stream for you?

Tune in to Dice Legendz and judge for yourself if The New Zealand adventurers have the advantage over shows like Critical Role. No matter what you decide, I promise, you WILL be entertained!

The first episode of “The Spies of Aratai” premieres March 26, 4pm EST on Twitch ( Replays launch on YouTube three days after the Twitch debut (

WHAT DO YOU THINK? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LIVESTREAM CHANNEL? Tell us in the comments and if you enjoyed this Dungeons and Dragons article you will LOVE this one: Are D&D Mini’s Worth It?

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