Homebrew Classes 5e: The Top 6 You’ll Love to Play


If you’re looking for the best homebrew classes in 5e, you’ve come to the right place. Dungeons and Dragons is the genre-defining tabletop RPG where you create your own stories and experiences.

So why not do the same with your character classes?

Homebrew content is nothing new, but with the explosion in popularity, fifth edition has a ton of homebrew content to sift through. You can find unique utility spells, crazy magic items, classes, subclasses, races, campaigns, and so much more for both players and dungeon masters alike.

So to save you the trouble, I found the top 6 homebrew classes in 5e that are sure to add excitement and intrigue to your next game!

What is a DnD Homebrew Class?

A homebrew class is created by the player instead of being pulled from preexisting D&D materials from the fifth edition, fourth edition, etc. For example, this could be something as simple as a fighter with druid abilities or as complex as a necromancer with an original new set of spells and abilities not found in the sourcebooks by Wizards of the Coast.

Homebrew classes are a great way to add variety and flavor to your game.

What are the Best Homebrew Classes in 5e?

The best D&D 5e homebrew classes are the blood hunter, necromancer, pugilist, scholar, shaman, and illrigger.

Blood Hunter Class—Best Homebrew Classes in 5e

The blood hunter is a great option for those who want to play a D&D character with a dark side. The blood hunter is the quintessential grimdark monster hunter who uses evil (and his own blood) to fight evil.

Mechanically, the blood hunter is like the ranger. But where the ranger focuses on nature and the wilderness, the blood hunter focuses on the supernatural. The blood hunter is a damage-dealing martial class so you get to choose a fighting style and you gain the Extra Attack feature. And because it’s a martial-focused class, the blood hunter’s blood magic can be used to buff your weapons to do extra damage.

Blood Hunter Subclasses

  • Order of the Ghostslayer—Vampire hunter with radiant damage
  • Order of the Lycan—Werewolf
  • Order of the Mutant—Similar to Geralt creating and using mutagens
  • Order of the Profane Soul—You get a patron!
(Image Credit: Algido)

Necromancer Class

What do you imagine when you think of a necromancer? If you were a gamer during Blizzard’s golden age like me, you picture a powerful spell caster raising armies of the undead to fight alongside him and wielding powerful necrotic magic to obliterate anyone standing in his path!

I haven’t talked to my therapist about my obsession with the wider necromancy umbrella in video games, but this is no place for self psychoanalysis! It’s time to pick up this necrotic alternative to the wizard class and drain the life from your foes and raise a horde of shambling undead to overwhelm the BBEG.

And this high quality homebrew necromancer by Reddit user /u/Mozared on Homebrewery checks all the boxes, baby!

Necromancer Subclasses

  • Choose The Creed of the Departed subclass and your undead minions will grow stronger as you do! Pro-tip: use those undead to shield your squishy casters!
  • Go with The Creed of the Siphon subclass and you’ll also be able to sap the life force from your enemies and imbue yourself with it!
  • Or do you want to wield the most powerful of necromantic magics? Then The Creed of Tomes subclass is the creed for you—you can even restore spell slots in the middle of battle!
Benjamin Huffman's Pugilist is one the Best Homebrew Classes 5e

Pugilist Class—Best Homebrew Classes in 5e

The pugilist is the street-fighting Strength-based alternative to the monk and is a reliable source of damage. Therefore, this is a great option if eastern monks feel out of place in your world of halflings, dwarves, and elves.

The pugilist was created by Benjamin Huffman and utilizes unarmed strikes in tandem with simple and improvised weapons to pummel foes with fisticuffs. Unlike the Dexterity-based monk, the pugilist has the Iron Chin ability which uses his Constitution modifier to boost his AC. And like the monk, that’s important because the pugilist doesn’t have medium- or heavy armor proficiency. Lastly, instead of ki points, he uses moxie points to pull off his sweet fighting moves.

Pugilist Subclasses

The pugilist has a whopping six subclasses:

  1. Arena Royale Fight Club—Professional wrestling meets Dungeons and Dragons
  2. Bloodhound Bruisers Fight Club—Scrappy sleuth
  3. Dog & Hound Fight Club—You get a pet!
  4. Piss & Vinegar Fight Club—Insults and dirty tricks
  5. The Squared Circle Fight Club—Grappler
  6. The Sweet Science Fight Club—Efficient tactical fighter
Best Homebrew Classes 5e Scholar

Scholar Class—Best Homebrew Classes in 5e

The scholar puts an intellectual twist on martial prowess as it is an Intelligence-based martial class. But think of the scholar as an army officer rather than a frontline soldier. Instead of relying on brute force, she shines in a support role for other characters.

Created by Reddit user u/Charrmeleon, the scholar utilizes maneuvers like those of the fighter subclass, battle master. The ability, critical analysis, allows the scholar to use her Intelligence modifier for finesse or ranged weapon attacks (instead of Strength or Dexterity). And discoveries are features, buffs, and abilities she can use in combat and roleplaying scenarios, like additional proficiencies, languages, and magic!

Scholar Subclasses

The scholar has the three following subclasses:

  • Taking the Physician subclass doubles down on the supportive nature with maneuvers that cripple enemies and heal her allies. This would be a lifesaver in low magic campaigns.
  • The Politician subclass relies on her charisma to boost her abilities in social situations to control the masses. And she uses his Force of Personality to affect enemies or allies in combat.
  • And the Tactician subclass incorporates more strategies for fighting with extra maneuvers and special abilities to dispose of enemies.
Best Homebrew Classes 5e Shaman

Shaman Class—Best Homebrew Classes in 5e

The shaman is a Wisdom-based spell caster who draws his powers from nature spirits and the fallen who have not found peace. The shaman was created by Reddit user u/Pattycakeee and combines the tribal flavor of druids with the spirituality of clerics.

Shamans have easy access to potent ritual spells because they don’t count against the spells they prepare for the day. Additionally, they can detect the presence of nearby spirits and interact with them. Lastly, shamans can summon powerful spirit animals whose capabilities can be amplified with Spirit Boons.

Shaman Subclasses

  • Journey of Harmony—The healing subclass.
  • Journey of Wrath—The martial subclass.
Best Homebrew Classes 5e Illrigger

Illrigger Class—Best Homebrew Classes in 5e

The illrigger is a dark reflection of the paladin and was created by Matthew Colville. It is a character who signs a contract with an archdevil to serve the Order of Desolation and further the goals of the Nine Hells. Illriggers possess powerful features and abilities in combat and roleplaying scenarios and focus on deception, manipulation, treachery, and the infernal power of hell itself.

They have four unique fighting styles not found in the Player’s Handbook and have a killer feature called Baleful Interdict. Baleful Interdict allows the illrigger to place a hellish seal on an enemy. The seal grants the illrigger additional damage that improves with the character’s level. But how it improves depends on the subclass you choose.

Illrigger Subclasses

While the fighting styles are unique, the three subclasses are what make the illrigger stand out from most classes because each one feels like its own class.

  • The Architect of Ruin is an arcane knight who serves the archdevil Asmodeus. They can alter the casting time of spells from an action to a bonus action, and give disadvantage on saving throws to their targets.
  • Shadow Masters are stealthy assassins who serve Moloch. A shadow master can turn invisible and use Baleful Interdict to inflict the illrigger equivalent of Sneak Attack damage.
  • The Painkiller is a battlefield commander who serves Dispater. Painkillers have a heavy armor proficiency and an offensive spell list enabling them to lead their forces from the front line.

Honorable Mentions—Best Homebrew Classes in 5e

Below are 4 homebrew classes people love that didn’t make the top 6. If you feel they should be in the top 6, please yell at me and let me know why!

Best Homebrew Classes 5e Witch
(Image Credit: Awels)


The witch is a character who has been twisted inside and out by dark magic. Witches have their own spell list of Hexes, derived from the same magic that cursed them. Hexes are dark incantations used to cause pain and suffering. But witches also have access to white magic for healing and buffing allies.

Unlike warlocks, witches use spell slots and depend more heavily upon their class abilities. And what would a witch be without a familiar and a cauldron? This homebrew class comes with both!

Best Homebrew Classes 5e Con Artist
(Image Credit: Alon Chou)

Con Artist

The con artist is a social-oriented class in a sea of classes focused on combat. Con artists focus on becoming the party face and persuading, tricking, and spying rather than dealing damage.

I’d love to see a campaign with an adventuring group of sleazy con artists who get conned into saving the world.

Con Artist Subclasses

  • Mentalist—Fortune teller subclass
  • Spy—Martially adept subclass
  • Politician—Charming leader subclass
(Image Credit: LordHayabusa357)


The legionnaire assumes the under-served role as tank and specializes in using a shield and defending his companions.

Legionnaire Subclasses

  • Arcane Soldier—Magic amplifies fighting, and combat amplifies magic
  • Sentry—Master of the guard subclass
  • Tactician—Commander subclass
Best Homebrew Classes 5e Pirate
(Image Credit: stayinwonderland)


The pirate is a cross between the fighter and rogue with sea legs. Pirates excel in sparring one-on-one and utilize extra actions to counter enemy disengage actions. They can also increase the speed of their ships to chase down enemies.

Pirate Subclasses

  • Dread Pirate—Scary pirate subclass
  • Cunning Pirate—Explosives expert subclass
Best Homebrew Classes 5e Gladiator
(Image Credit: Mazertyoung)


This bare-chested gladiator embraces the bard-like features of its historical roots with an interesting Strength- and Charisma-based martial class.

Gladiator Subclasses

These subclasses are defined primarily by their weapons of choice:

  • Gallus—Heavy armor and crushing weapons
  • Hoplomachus—Spears and polearms
  • Retiarius—Net and trident
  • Murmillo—Sword and shield
  • Sagittarius—Ranged weapons
  • DimachaerusTwo weapon fighting
  • Cestus—Unarmed fighting
  • Laquearius—Whip

Final Thoughts on the Best Homebrew Classes in 5e

Congratulations! You made it to the end without Second Wind! The six homebrew classes for Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition we’ve highlighted are excellent choices for your next game. Whether you want to play as a blood hunter, illrigger, pugilist, or one of the other amazing options, each one will add something special to your next D&D game.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and play one of these homebrew classes in 5e and let us know how your next game goes!


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