God Game: The Best Manga You Haven’t Read

God Game Manga

If you’re looking for a riveting manga to read, then I can’t recommend God Game enough. Brandon Chen wrote it and it’s one of the most popular manga series in the United States right now. The story is set in a world where two-million humans are forced to play a sick and twisted game, having no recollection of who they are and how they arrived. And the manga has received critical acclaim for its beautiful art style and intense action scenes.

God Game Manga
God Game Manga

The Premise of God Game the Manga

Two-million humans had their memories stolen. And to make matters worse, who has forced them to play a sick and twisted game to the death?

You guessed it. GOD.

This is like if Hunger Games and Squid Game had a baby, and Light Yagami from Death Note raised the baby. That would be the God Game manga.

Follow Reiyan (our main character), as he dives head first into this new world, trying to figure out who he was and how to survive. Along the way he makes allies and enemies, uncovers dark conspiracies, and realizes this game is more than meets the eye.

Brandon Chen’s God Game Delivers

God Game Manga
God Game Manga

The writing style of Brandon Chen in God Game is one of the main reasons I recommend this series. It’s engaging, to the point where I often forget I’m reading a manga. In terms of story, there are few things that feel as satisfying as when all the pieces of the puzzle come together and I finally understood what’s going on.

The way Brandon blends comedy and tragedy is also worth mentioning. There are moments in the series that had me laughing out loud, only for the tone to do a complete 180 and leave me feeling heartbroken. It’s this willingness to experiment with different genres that makes God Game such an enjoyable read.

Like Squid Game, each test he puts his characters through is more difficult than the last. But unlike Squid Game, Brandon isn’t content to leave his characters in a state of misery. He finds a way to give them a sliver of hope, no matter how small.

And that’s what I love about God Game. It’s a story about hope, and how even in the darkest of times there is still a reason to keep going.

If you’re looking for a manga that will make you laugh, cry, and think, then look no further. Brandon Chen is a rising star in the industry. He amassed a following of over one-million readers, and it’s easy to see why.

The Art Style

God Game Manga

The art style in the God Game manga is one of my favorite things about it. Because it’s dark and gritty, with a touch of horror thrown in. The characters are all unique and have their own visual quirks that make them stand out.

The setting is incredibly well-rendered because each new test the characters enter feels like its own little world, with its own set of rules.

And the action in God Game is top-notch because every panel is filled with kinetic energy, and you can feel the weight of every thrown punch.

All in all, the art style is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to this series.

Various artists brought the manga God Game to life. You can find their names credited on the individual episode. Even though the series has changed hands a few times in the art department, it feels consistent. This is a testiment to Brandon’s writing, as the artists have done a great job of bringing his vision to life.

Where can you read God Game?

God Game Manga

If you want to check out God Game for yourself, go for it! It’s ongoing, with new chapters released every week. VoyceMe has other high quality original series worth checking out. I plan to review a bunch so stay tuned.

I also recommend giving Brandon Chen a follow if you want to keep up with the many projects he has coming out. He is active on all of his social media accounts but I prefer to follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

In Conclusion

God Game Manga

God Game is a must read for any manga fan because the story will stick with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Plus, the characters are all incredibly well-written and the art style is top-notch. I can’t recommend this series enough.

Manga and Webtoons are some of my favorite forms of entertainment. Because I love getting lost in a good story, and there’s something about the medium that speaks to me. That’s why I was so excited to stumble across God Game.

What do you think of God Game? What recommendations do you have for manga I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!

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