‘Fallen Order 2’ Titled ‘Jedi: Survivor’ In Stunning New Trailer

Fallen Order 2 Jedi Survivor Lightsaber Duel

It’s official, the highly anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 has a name! Respawn Entertainment revealed the official title and release window during the week of Star Wars Celebration. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor follows the story of Cal Kestis, a young padawn who survived Order 66 and is on the run from the Empire. Fans of Cal Kestis will have to wait until 2023 to get their hands on it.

Star Wars Celebration Respawn Entertainment Announcement

The trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor went live on the second day of the annual Star Wars event in Anaheim, California. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order fans across the internet got fired up for the next Fallen Order game being developed by Respawn Entertainment!

The upcoming sequel looks beautiful and full of Star Wars action for Star Wars fans!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order followed Cal Kestis on his quest to find a list of Force-sensitive kiddos with the intent of rebuilding the Jedi Order. Cal makes some friends, develops his Force abilities, and vanquishes powerful foes like the Inquisitors.

By the end of the first game, Cal Kestis and company are still on the run.

Fallen Order 2 Jedi Survivor Logo
Fallen Order 2 finally has a title!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel Called Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

And that’s where Star Wars Jedi: Survivor picks up. The Empire will send more powerful foes at the Jedi as he and his crew do their best to survive being hunted. But will Cal still have the same crew? Will he explore the dark side of the Force? Will he find a Padawan to train?

Time will tell.

Funny to think we were complaining about the lack of single player Star Wars games a few years ago. Fans worried that EA was going to re-release Battlefront I & II over and over again with loot boxes as some type of punishment for crimes we didn’t know we committed.

For the record: Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) is still a blast in 2022.

Star Wars: Squadrons (Image Credit: The Gamer)

Three Star Wars Games in the Pipeline

Fast forward a few years and we have two commercially successful single player Star Wars games: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons. And earlier this year Electronic Arts officially announced Respawn is leading the development and production of three new Star Wars games:

Upcoming Titles Include the Next Game in the Star Wars Jedi Franchise, a new Star Wars FPS from Peter Hirschmann and a Strategy Game via a Publishing Collaboration Between Respawn and Bit Reactor

Peter Hirschmann was involved in the production of games like Battlefront I (2004) & II (2005), and The Force Unleashed so I’m excited to see what he does for another Star Wars FPS. I would love to see a reboot or continuation of one of the old Lucasfilm Games titles like Jedi Knight. I don’t know about you, but Jedi Outcast was a favorite from my teenage years.

The same goes for a Star Wars strategy game. Star Wars: Empire at War was the last great RTS Star Wars game, and Petroglyph Games developed it back in 2006. It’s been almost two decades! The gaming industry has some catching up to do now that Electronic Arts isn’t the only one making SW games.

We’ll have to wait and see what the next few years hold for Star Wars games. With Respawn Entertainment leading the charge, I have high hopes for the next few years of SW gaming.

Fallen Order 2 Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis standing in front of an old bacta tank with someone in it
(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Here’s everything Nerd Night News knows about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2

Will there be a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2?

Yes, there is a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Respawn Entertainment confirmed it on May 27 with a trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Stig Asmussen returns to direct the sequel and Cameron Monaghan reprises his role as Cal Kestis.

Is there a trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2?

Respawn Entertainment just released a trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2.

Is there a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 release date?

Respawn Entertainment announced a 2023 release window for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. We do not have a specific release date, but stay tuned to Nerd Night News and we will alert you of the release date.

Which consoles and platforms will Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 be on?

Respawn Entertainment is developing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

What’s going to change in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 gameplay?

For one, Cal already has his powers at the end of Fallen Order, so fans are interested to see how the developers at Respawn Entertainment account for that. Relearning his Force abilities was a significant aspect of Cal’s story in the original game. So we’ll either need a new Padawan to play as, or an entirely new focus this go around.

Fallen Order 2 Jedi Survivor villain looking dude
(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

What would be the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 story?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order left some questions in the players’ minds. The obvious one is when’s the rematch with Darth Vader? Cal Kestis got away in the first game, but we know Vader doesn’t give up that easily. Fallen Order was set five years after Order 66 was executed. This would coincide with Darth Vader’s rise to power and the Empire’s rise to immense heights. As a jedi, Cal is in the wrong galaxy at the wrong time.

Cal’s quest to rebuild the Jedi Order was put on hold by the end of the first game so what will happen in the next Fallen Order game? Will we find a new Padawan to train and develop a different set of Force abilities? Will Cal Kestis explore the dark side of the Force in the sequel?

Fallen Order 2 Jedi Survivor Ship
(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Who is developing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2?

Respawn Entertainment is developing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 game for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Respawn Entertainment developed Fallen Order for Electronic Arts. And they are famous for Titanfall and Apex Legends. Both are great games to check out!

Fans had their doubts leading up to the first Fallen Order game, so it’s great to see the company that nailed the first game is taking on Jedi: Fallen Order 2, officially titled Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

(Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)


While the wait may be long, it’s sure to be worth it. Humans in 2019 loved Jedi: Fallen Order and EA considers it a commercial success. With Respawn Entertainment at the helm, we can only imagine Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will deliver another great single player experience in the SW universe.

May the Force be with you!

What are your thoughts on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? Are you excited for the Jedi: Fallen Order 2? Let us know in the comments below?

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