Fa Sheng: Origins—An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios

Fa Sheng: Origins - An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios. Cover for Issue 1 by Grant and Wee

An everyday Hero steps into the spotlight with Fa Sheng: Origins, an action-packed epic from Immortal Studios and it couldn’t be more awesome!

Immortal Studios is an independent Comic Publisher with an interconnected universe based on Wuxia (martial arts-fantasy). The core mission at Immortal is to awaken the hero in everyone using the “essential Wuxia” ethos of “Everyone is the One”.

The Immortal Universe kicked of with The Adept in late 2020 and now continues with the new epic adventure, Fa Sheng: Origins. This upcoming Graphic Novel is an even more ambitious and magical journey into the world of the Shaolin Master, Fa Sheng.

There is so much coolness to unpack in this title that it’s hard to know where to start. So let’s start all the way back at the beginning!

Fa Sheng: Origins - An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios
Fa Sheng: Origins #1 from Immortal Studios

The Origin Story of Fa Sheng: Origins

The Adept Readers are familiar with the character Fa Sheng as he presents today. With Fa Sheng: Origins Immortal Studios is taking a trip down memory lane to the early days of the Shaolin Master.

The story synopsis thrusts the humble Shaolin Master into danger as he navigates the turmoil of China’s “Boxer Uprising” of the late 19th century. This leads Fa Sheng to reevaluate his purpose in life and further dedicate himself to helping those in need. But not all is as it seems since danger is constantly waiting in the shadows for the young Shaolin!

Fa Sheng: Origins has a superstar creative team attached lead by Immortal CEO, Peter Shiao with the story idea. It’s written by Ringo Award Winner, Rylend Grant and illustrated by Dexter Wee (Outlaw Territory). Rounding out the creative team are Omi Remalante, Jr. (colors), Deron Bennett (letters), and Brian Cunningham (editor).

The Origins graphic novel marks Rylend Grant’s first steps into the Immortal Studios Wuxia Universe. Grant is what is known as a renaissance man and a jack of all trades. He is an accomplished screenwriter and comic book creator. Grant is also an American Ninja Warrior, a Soto Zen Buddhist Monk and an avid 80’s toy collector. On top of all of that – he’s also a pretty Cool Dude. Grant published comic books with Action Lab, Source Point Press and is a perennial contender at the Ringo Awards

Fa Sheng: Origins is also Grant’s first collaboration with the super talented artist, Dexter Wee.

The Graphic Novel is in Production now with a Kickstarter campaign beginning within the month. Visit the Prelaunch Kickstarter page HERE to be notified when the campaign begins.

SNEAK PEEK At The Wuxia Adventure

Only basic story elements have been revealed so far for this epic adventure but the promo package sheds some light on the underlying conflict.

Fa Sheng struggles with his goal of empowering the masses due to a collection of adversaries which all fit perfectly into the Wuxia mold. Ruthless adversaries, backstabbing power grabbers and cowardly charlatans are a guarantee in this Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon inspired Magical journey!

The Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page describes Fa Sheng: Origins as – “An epic journey of the death-cheating, mind-bending Shaolin Master”.

If that doesn’t sound amazingly epic then I just don’t know what would!


Fe Shang: Origins (Credit Page)
Fa Sheng: Origins - An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios
SNEEK PEAK – Fe Shang: Origins #1 (Credit Page)
Fa Sheng: Origins - An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios
Fe Shang: Origins #1 (Page 1)
Fe Shang: Origins #1 (Page 2)
SNEAK PEEK – Fe Shang: Origins #1 (Page 2)
Fe Shang: Origins #1 (Page 2)
Fe Shang: Origins #1 (Page 3)

What the Creators say about Fa Sheng: Origins – An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios

In a recent interview with THE BEAT both Rylend Grant and Dexter Wee provided insight into their take on the Shaolin Master.

Writer, Rylend Grant stated:

“Fa Sheng: Origins is a kick ass/take names/howl at the moon magical martial warrior epic in the vein of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. (It is) meticulously set against the historical backdrop of China’s bloody and turbulent Boxer Uprising and the Warlord era that followed. It’ll challenge you emotionally and philosophically in the best way. In the end, you’ll be begging to see what comes next.”

Illustrator, Dexter Wee added:

“Fa Sheng: Origins is an epic magical action packed journey of a young warrior destined for greatness. It has heart. It’s our magical version of Shaolin Temple meets Once Upon a Time in China.”

Immortal Studio founder and CEO, Peter Shiao, elaborated more on the heart of this character during WonderCon 2022 when he stated:

“If there ever was a time that called for new heroes that time is now. In the Immortal Storyverse we are not talking about radioactive spiders or chemical spills as the source of transformation, but the power of will, inspiration and knowledge to forge heroes from people just like ourselves. That makes what we are doing relevant to people’s lives.”

Fa Sheng: Origins - An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios
Fa Sheng: Origins – An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios

Fa Sheng: Origins – An Action-Packed Epic From Immortal Studios – coming to Kickstarter

Immortal Studios quickly built the reputation of embracing “radical fan engagement”. They place the utmost importance on developing, funding, marketing and distributing content in concert with the readers.

They used Kickstarter masterfully to help fund The Adept and plan to do the same with Fa Sheng: Origins.

The anticipation is high for this book and with all signs pointing to the same energy as The Adept… it is all well deserved praise!

What do you think about the Immortal Studios Wuxia Storyverse? Will you be supporting this book or any others on Kickstarter? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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