Disney Lorcana: A New Rival to Magic the Gathering?

Disney Lorcana: A New Rival to Magic the Gathering?

Disney D23 unveils an exciting New option for the Collectible Trading Card Game World

Disney announced the Trading card game, Lorcana, at the end of August as an alternative to such TCG’s as Magic the Gathering. Artwork and specific game mechanics about the upcoming trading card game have been under wraps… UNTIL NOW!

Artwork for Captain Hook, Stitch, Elsa, Robin Hood, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil and Mickey Mouse just hit D23 in style! Presented by Publisher, Ravensburger in an announcment that also unveiled the name of the Disney TCG’s initial set. The initial launch of game cards is titled Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter and it’s building up to be something very cool.

Robin Hood - Unrivaled Archer
Robin Hood – Unrivaled Archer

The first look at the Disney Lorcana cards shows off the attention to detail that the House of Mouse is known for. Each card is beautiful and not just a copy and paste from past artwork. They are truly beautiful Cards.

Making Magic with the Disney Lorcana Game

Ravensburger and Disney also gave a sneak peek at a bit of game design and lore as well. The game which has been in development for around 4 years has a core mechanic similar to Magic the Gathering but is far less daunting. The overall feel is much lighter and I can see it being successful with Pokemon, Digimon or Hearthstone fans.

Disney Lorcana: A New Rival to Magic the Gathering?
Stitch – The Rock Star

The game is based on Disney Animation IP and is marketed as a casual and easy to pick up Trading Card Game. The building blocks are there for an amazing adventure. Whether it appeals to the Magic the Gathering audience will be the question.

Based on the short exposure Nerd Night News has it appears that Disney Lorcana will be easy for TCG newcomers to learn quickly. It also offers strategic depth for experienced players as well which is a great balancing act. By catering to both audiences Lorcana increases the opportunity for more people to enjoy the excitement of Trading Card Games.

Disney Lorcana: A New Rival to Magic the Gathering?
Maleficent – The Monstrous Dragon

Disney fans will enjoy the nostalgic but wholly original illustrations, engrossing storyline, and playing with their favorite characters. Veteran TCG players can also appreciate the unique gameplay mechanics that Ravensburger brings to their games. Disney and game publisher Ravensburger previously worked together on the Disney Villainous board game series. Ravensburger is also known for game properties like Despicable Me, Star Wars, and an Alien board game.

Breaking Down the Story behind the TCG

In Disney Lorcana, you will act as an Illumineer. You’ll wield magic inks and the power of Lorcana to assemble a team of Disney characters against other Illumineers. Some characters will be familiar friends while others will be fantastically re-imagined versions. The Disney characters that you band together as an illumineer will be called ‘Glimmers’.

Let’s take a closer look at the Seven Lorcana cards revealed at D23. All Seven cards are Expo versions and are exclusive to D23. They feature a “unique foil treatment” along with symbols for D23 Expo and ‘1st Edition’.  All seven will be available when Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter launches but they will not be the D23 exclusives.

Disney Lorcana: A New Rival to Magic the Gathering?
Captain Hook – The Forceful Duelist

Fans at the D23 that buy the exclusive first edition pack of Lorcana cards also get the exclusive Mickey Mouse card called “Brave Little Tailor”. All of the characters have their own unique abilities and each stand out as tiny works of art.

Captain Hook is a forceful duelist with his trusty sword ready for battle. Maleficent is in her dragon form, and Creulla de Vil is “miserable as usual.” Rounding out the initial wave of characters are Elsa the Snow Queen, Robin Hood, and Stitch. The lineup possibilities are intriguing and I can’t wait to see what other Disney Animated Characters make the Lorcana list of Glimmers.

Disney Lorcana: A New Rival to Magic the Gathering?
Stitch, Elsa, Crulla, Malificent, Robin Hood, Captain Hook… But where is Mickey!

An Exciting World of Magic and Adventure Awaits

Only a handful of characters have been revealed for Disney Lorcana but the initial response is promising. When the House of Mouse sets its mind to something it is usually magical. Will it rival Magic the gathering in popularity or reception? Time will tell but the stage is set and the possibilities are limitless. The collectible trading card game world may have another Magical set on its hands.

Mickey Mouse - The Brave Little Tailor
Mickey Mouse – The Brave Little Tailor

The Seven cards above are ONLY available at the Disney D23 event running September 9th – 11th. They’re credited as the first Disney Lorcana cards. The SAME cards will appear in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter but the Expo versions are exclusive to D23 and feature a D23 and ‘1st Edition’ logo.

Disney Lorcana: A New Rival to Magic the Gathering?

What do you think? Will you be playing Disney Lorcana when it launches?

Where you able to attend D23? What was your favorite announcement?

Tell us all about it in the comments. While you’re here we would would love if you checked out some other NNN Articles.

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