Diablo IV Necromancer Resurrected For One Exciting 2023 Launch

Diablo IV Necromancer Featured

Diablo IV Necromancer Trailer Announcement

Blizzard Entertainment announced a 2023 release window in their Diablo IV Necromancer revea trailer during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on Sunday. Blizzard showed off the fifth and final class to be added to the game. And as expected, the Necromancer made her appearance with a squad of undead minions to do her bidding. You’ll be able to play the next title in the Diablo franchise on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and the last generation consoles with full cross-play.

The cinematic showed a creepy female Necromancer dressed in iconic bone armor and wielding a one-handed scythe. As someone whose favorite class in D2 was the Necromancer, I think the Diablo IV Necromancer class looks on point.

She displayed her powers by exploding one corpse and then reanimating another corpse before taking its head for her collection. Then a bipedal wolf monster confronts her. So she summons some skeletons and a hulking skeletal creature that looks like it might be the Diablo IV Necromancer equivalent of a golem from D2.

The Diablo IV Necromancer Reveal Wasn’t All, Folks!

After the Diablo IV Necromancer was introduced, the trailer then treated us to a satisfying amount of smooth, great-looking gameplay in several gorgeous environments.

And members of the development team dropped tantalizing soundbites during the trailer about what we can expect from the full release. The trailer also showed us some impressive examples of what the character customization system can do.

From a multiplayer perspective, Diablo IV has fully enabled cross-play so you can vanquish evil from a PC while playing with your buddy who has it on Xbox. And if that’s not your thing, Diablo IV also has couch co-op! The trailer also showed us a world event that required multiple characters to take down a giant bipedal beast. The creature leaped out of a portal swinging around a giant golden chest (maybe a sarcophagus) on a chain.

As someone who loved Diablo I and Diablo II, I never got into PVP, but Diablo IV makes me want to. Several clips of PVP matches displayed fast-paced combat between multiple opponents casting impressive spells and utilizing hard-hitting melee abilities. Additionally, the developers described special PVP zones where the game tracks those who excel at killing other players. Then it alerts other players in the area in case anyone is brave enough to go after them.

How Evil is this Diablo?

In light of the egregious monetization in Diablo Immortal, it’s important to mention microtransactions are confirmed in Diablo IV. As of right now, the microtransactions are limited to cosmetic items. And all we can do is hope it stays that way.

But hope is not a strategy.

Fans have been disappointed time and time again when developers tell us that microtransactions will be limited to cosmetics only to slip them in after the review period or announce them as something we’ve been begging for, and then talk to us like we’re idiots who can’t recognize what they’re doing.

Final Thoughts—Diablo IV Necromancer Reveal and 2023 Release

I was looking forward to the next title, but this Diablo IV Necromancer cinematic sold me on it. What can I say, I have a thing for spellcasters who can raise the dead in any game. Maybe it’s the undead army or maybe it’s the iconic bone fashion. Or maybe it’s the dark anti-hero vibe necromancers give off.

Either way, let’s raise an army of undead and send the forces of evil back to hell!

Although Blizzard delayed Diablo IV multiple times, the developers have kept us up to date with information over the years. They’ve given us looks at the open world, skills and abilities, sound design, character and monster design, stunning environments, and plenty of eye-popping artwork.

We still have less than six months to go before 2023 begins. Hopefully, we’ll have a definite release date by then. But if you have a Diablo craving, avoid Diablo Immortal and check out Diablo 2: Resurrected in the meantime!

Or go pre-register for the Diablo 4 beta on the game’s website!

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