Devil Up Manga: A Beautiful and Engaging Nightmare

Devil Up Manga

Have you ever read a manga that just sticks with you long after you finish it? That’s what the Devil Up manga did for me. This dark and engrossing manga is one of my new favorites. The story follows a young man who makes a deal with the Devil and soon realizes he made a huge mistake. The art style is amazing and helps to set the tone of the story. This manga explores unique and thought-provoking themes. If you’re looking for an edge-of-your-seat read, then I highly recommend Devil Up!

An Introduction to the Devil Up Manga

In the Devil Up story there are three types of people (so far). Some are blessed with no powers, others, powers from the stars, but the strongest with powers blessed from planets. The few individuals with powers blessed from planets are called ‘the Harlem Heroes’.

Devil Up Manga
Devil Up Manga

In the Devil Up Manga, the ‘Harlem Heroes’ are the good guys. They have abilities that range from super-strength to the ability to fly. They use their powers for good and fight against evil.

Unfortunately, where Devil Up begins, our “Avengers” of this universe fail to show up and save the day, in this small village. In a very ‘Attack on Titan’ moment, a large monster wreaks havoc, killing all who cross their path.

Our main character Silas, even falls victim to this giant monster, only after witnessing everyone he loves die brutally. This is where he makes his deal with the devil, to come back and have his revenge. Of course, with any deal with the devil, there’s a price to pay.

Devil Up Manga

Devil Up is a cross between ‘Attack on Titan’ and the hit Amazon Prime series ‘the Boys’. A wild, brutal, punishing ride. It’ll be your next favorite guilty pleasure.

Devil Up Manga—A Gothic Art Style

The art style in the Devil Up manga compliments the dark tone of the story. The artists drew the manga in a way that makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing the events of the story along with the characters. The art style also helps to set the mood for each scene, making it feel more realistic and engaging.

Devil Up Manga
Devil Up Manga

This dark fantasy series leans into the grim and gothic with its art style, which suits the story perfectly. The visual pacing of the story is also done well. Devil Up manga explores themes like betrayal, loss, grief, love and hope. And the manga explores these in a way that is both dark and engaging because of the superb art choices made in telling the Devil Up story.

I get strong Attack on Titan vibes while reading through this webtoon on VoyceMe. There is mystery with over-the-top graphic action, while your main character screams at whoever they’re talking to. A trope that could be corny if not drawn properly.

The Dark Themes of Devil Up

One of the things that make Devil Up so engaging is its dark themes. The story revolves around grief, betrayal, loss and love, as discussed above.

Grief can be a powerful tool when used correctly, It can help motivate people to do things that they normally would not ever consider doing. The Devil manipulates our main character due to his grief.

Betrayal comes into play when his childhood heroes are absent. Imagine this: you grow up with a Captain America poster on your wall and Thanos begins ravaging the Earth. You lose everything and everyone you loved and no one can find your hero Cap’ to save the day.

Devil Up Manga

Having a second chance at love could also motivate the best of us to do bad things. Have you ever lost someone who meant the world to you? Imagine some higher power saying you could have them back, just do this terrible thing. Would you? You would certainly entertain the idea.

Devil Up Manga

Would you still be you though, if you went against everything you stood for? These are the themes that have been explored in the Devil Up manga that I have been thoroughly enjoying.

Overall thoughts on the Devil Up Manga

Devil Up is a dark and engaging read I recommend. Because the story is well written and the art style complements the tone of the story. Devil Up is a win for dark fantasy enthusiasts, like myself. So if you’re looking for something different, yet familiar to read, I urge you to give Devil Up a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Devil Up Manga

You can read Devil Up for free right now!

What did you think of Devil Up? What should I read next? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading, until next time!

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