Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About Now

Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About

How Netflix is changing the Comic Book Adaptation Game

Streaming Services house a Gold Mine of Indie Comic Book Adaptations that you probably didn’t even know began as Funny Books.

Netflix leads the charge on Independent Comic Book adaptations and continually sets the standard for developing outside the box movies. Netflix excels at mining Popular Culture for inspiration and currently has many highly anticipated comic adaptations on deck.

Netflix’s direction gives Comic Creators hope of seeing their work on screen one day. The odds still favor the more established creators but… HEY – the hope is real and sometimes hope is enough.

Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About Now
Netflix. The Home of Independent Comic Book Creations.

With Netflix cranking out more original content the need for unique voices is at an all-time high. That’s where diverse and original Independent comics come into play.

Millarworld has a longstanding deal with Netflix to develop the majority of the indie comic books published by writer, Mark Millar.

Netflix also has a first-look deal with indie comic book publishers Boom! Studios and Dark Horse Comics.

Major Indie Publishers aren’t the only ones getting in on the act though. Small Publishers and Creators have also signed deals with Netflix to bring their books to the Streaming Service.

Comic Book adaptations Umbrella Academy and Sweet Tooth struck Gold with Netflix audiences and critics alike. The ongoing series Raising Dion and Jupiter’s Legacy also found their niche and are on track for future seasons.

This raises a question.

What is the NEXT breakout Comic Book adaptation coming to Netflix. There are many in development but here are the FIVE upcoming Adaptations that you need to know about NOW!

Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About Now
Huck from Mark Millar. Set for a Netflix.

HUCK: Comic Book Adaptation headed to Netflix

First up from Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque at Millarworld is HUCK.

Huck is set in Small Town, USA where gas station clerk, Huck, secretly uses his “gifts” for good. When his story gets out, it spreads like wildfire, bringing unwanted fame straight to Huck’s front door.

The premise of the Comic book barely scratches the surface though. The action and characters in the book leave the reader wanting more which is a GREAT thing. Huck is one of my favorite Indie books because of the heart and message in the series.

A Huck adaptation is currently in VERY early development with no set release date or production team announced.

Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About Now
Something is Killing the Children. Set for Netflix

Something is Killing the Children: Slated for Netflix Series

Something is Killing the Children is a comic book series by James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera, at Boom! Studios.

The comic book premise involves the children of Archer’s Peak who have mysteriously disappeared. For many of the missing children all is lost, but a few children do return with stories of terrifying creatures lurking in the shadows.

An equally mysterious stranger named Erica Slaughter, arrives to help the town by vowing to kill the shadow monsters.

The tone of the comic book series is the true selling point with the character development taking a slow and satisfying burn.

As an adaptation it has all the makings of an epic ongoing series. Something is Killing the Children is categorized as “in early development” with a possible late 2022 release date. Mike Flanagan (Midnight Mass, The Haunting of Hill House) has been tapped to adapt the horror series.

Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About Now.
American Jesus. Coming to Netflix.

American Jesus: Comic Book Adaptation headed to Netflix

American Jesus is another Millarworld book set to make the jump to film. Created by Mark Millar and Peter Gross, the premise is an intriguing tale of a boy named Jodie who discovers he has superpowers.

Standard Superhero story, right?

Not so much.

Jodie soon discovers that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and has a mission to save humanity. The story is largely dialogue driven and as expected has strong religious themes throughout.

Production on the film adaptation began in March 2022 with an anticipated release date in 2023 or 2024.

The Hated. Headed to Netflix.
Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About Now
The Hated. Headed to Netflix.

The Hated: Scheduled for Live Action treatment at Netflix

The Hated is one of the more intriguing comics on this list. Set in a reimagined American frontier The Hated is a gritty Western with a spaghetti feel.

The premise is that the war between the North and South is over. Neither side won as both sides agreed upon a truce. This resulted in the formation of two nations, the Union States of America, where blacks are free, and the Confederate States of America, where blacks are still enslaved.

A bounty hunter named Araminta Free impressively takes center stage. She specializes in crossing the border into the Confederacy, and liberating slaves.

David F Walker and Sean Damien Hill originally Kickstarted The Hated. Walker published the comic with Solid Comix.

Emmy nominated Writer Michael Starrbury is helming the live-action Western series. Sources hint at a possible late 2023 release date for this amazing comic books film adaptation.

Lady Killer. Lands spot at Netflix.
Lady Killer. Lands spot at Netflix.

Joëlle Jones and Jamie S Rich created Lady Killer with Publisher Dark Horse Comics.

Lady Killer is a period piece thriller that takes place in the 1960s. It is the story of Josie Schuller, a perfect housewife who leads a secret life as killer-for-hire in her spare time. It is every bit as cool and stylish as it sounds.

Blake Lively and Diablo Cody will adapt the comic for Netflix. There is currently no set release date for Lady Killer.

Top 5 upcoming Comic Book Film Adaptations
The 5 Adaptations coming to Netflix.

Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About… For Now

Huck, Something is Killing the Children, American Jesus, The Hated and Lady Killer are just FIVE of the Comic Book Adaptations You Need to Know About Now. There are dozens of comic book adaptations in various stages of development and countless more waiting in the wings.

This is an exciting time to be an Indie Comic Book Creator and an even more exciting time to be a fan.

The next time someone tells you that Comic Books are a dying breed just point to the Indies and smile. As long as there is a hunger for unique storytelling and original voices there will be comic books.

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