Bandit King: The Best Web Comic You Must Read

Bandit King: The Best Web Comic You Must Read

There are countless ways to digest comics so you may have missed Bandit King, the best web comic you MUST read. Bandit King is an original Manga serial written by the extremely talented Brandon Chen. It’s an ongoing story with new content released every Wednesday on Voyceme.

Voyceme is one of the fastest growing platforms for original Comics and Novels. The content on Voyceme is a mix of Manga, web comics, novels, Manhwa and MORE.

I have been a LONGTIME sceptic of web comics, but I’ve found too many great stories on Voyceme to ignore the medium now. Bandit King is by far my favorite of all the web comics I’ve found.

Bandit King is written by Brandon Chen, the undisputed Ruler of Voyceme. It’s a supernatural horror story with a mix of romance and a ton of action. As a lifelong fan of Horror and zombies, Bandit King grasped my attention early and never let it go.

So, what is Bandit King and why is it so good?

Bandit King, the best web comic you MUST read.
Cover: Bandit King.
Cover: Bandit King.

All Hail The Bandit King

Bandit King is set during a worldwide zombie apocalypse. All Hell breaks loose and in usual end of days trope the surviving humans are the REAL danger.

The story centers around Roy Kim, a loser and target number one for all High School bullies. Not the typical action hero, Roy expects he is doomed in this new, perilous environment. Little does Roy know what supernatural forces he will soon posess.

Enter Zoe Winters. Zoe is the hot classmate that every girl wants to be, and every guy wants to be with. She’s a bit of a firecracker though and quickly sets the tone that the trivial things that mattered in society, no longer do.

To Zoe and Roy, the apocalypse is the time for rebirth and discovering who they really are. The Duo set out on a journey to not just survive but thrive in the apocalypse. The old world is gone and now it’s time to rule the new one.

Bandit King, the best web comic you MUST read.
Zoe from Bandit King.
Zoe from Bandit King.

Brandon Chen delivers with Bandit King: The Best Web Comic You Must Read

Brandon Chen establishes quickly that this isn’t a typical Zombie Comic. Yes, there are carry over themes that you would find in other stories like The Walking Dead or I, Zombie. But Bandit King has a certain unique charm to it that is hard to find in other comics.

What sets Bandit King apart from other stories is the clumsy, naïve, and sometime clunky character building between Roy and Zoe. Roy’s internal dialogue unleashes all this pubescent awkwardness in a grand fashion.

The story moves fast and seems abrupt at times but again that is part of the charm for me.

Bandit King isn’t perfect, but it IS perfect for what it is.

Bandit King, the best web comic you MUST read.
Roy versus the Apocalypse.
Roy versus the Apocalypse.

A Voyceme Web Comic with Heart and Soul

I don’t want to give away spoilers or unveil plot points because Bandit King is a journey you should unveil for yourself. What I will say is that Brandon Chen succeeded in an area that few comic books have POST The Walking Dead.

He made a story about Zombies feel original and entertaining again.

Why is that?

What separates Bandit King from the endless supply of zombie related options out there? That part is simple really. It is bursting with Heart and Soul.

The relationship between Roy and Zoe takes center stage and is The Heart of the story. It evolves from a place of awkward teenage jitters to a solid power couple ready to face any danger. It’s a good thing too because danger seems to be drawn to them. Whether it’s hordes of Zombies, heartless strangers, or things MUCH more sinister the duo keeps an unbreakable bond.

It’s this bond between the two that urges the reader to keep exploring this Zombie filled world. The reader uncovers horrors as Roy and Zoe do making the journey feel personal. There is an investment in seeing where the story goes and in hoping that the characters you love make it to the end with you.

Again, Bandit King isn’t perfect, but it has something that makes up for it. The bond that Roy and Zoe grow over time is the glue that holds the weaker points together. What I found is that as the story progresses so does the charm and connection to the characters.

Bandit King, the best web comic you MUST read.
The one true Bandit King.
The One True Bandit King.

Bandit King: The Best Web Comic You Must Read

Don’t get it twisted though—Bandit Kings is a book about Zombies after all. Expect buckets of blood, gore, and dismembered body parts. There are panels that are so dynamic it requires a double take to truly appreciate them.

This leads to the Soul of the book. That is Brandon Chen’s commitment to improving the story week after week.

There are Thirteen chapters to the Bandit King saga with the initial Epilogue debuting in July 2021. The story evolved since 2021 and what was seen as weaknesses in the earlier chapters are now the series’ strengths.

The art choices in the first few chapters were engaging but basic. That isn’t a bad thing, and it doesn’t take away from the book. There is a shift in the later chapters as the art direction adopts a more stylized pallet. It’s in these later chapters that skylines like the Brooklyn Bridge just blow your mind.

Chen also comes into his own in the later chapters with his dialogue and story beats. Each character has their own distinct voice, and each chapter feels complete but also leaves you wanting more. That is a hard juggling act, but one Brandon Chen can consistently pull off.

Bandit King: The Best Web Comic You Must Read
Something Wicked.

Make Way for the True King of VoyceMe

In all, Bandit King is an engaging and character-driven love story with beheading and evisceration thrown in for flavor.

It is on Chapter Thirteen now with a planned schedule of new content every Wednesday.

Brandon Chen is also the author of the more popular series God Game and The Mad Gate. Both great stories but Bandit King is the best web comic that you MUST read TODAY. It has lurked in the shadows too long and is now set to rule Voyceme as the undisputed King of Manga.

All Hail – The Bandit King.



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