Are D&D Minis Worth It if You’re New to D&D?

So you’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a while now, and you’re thinking about taking the plunge and buying some minis. But are D&D minis worth it? Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of D&D minis.


They make the game more visually appealing. Let’s face it, rolling dice and moving cardboard tokens around a map is not the most exciting thing in the world. Minis make the game visually stimulating and therefore more fun and engaging.

They make it easier to keep track of what’s going on. Have you had a situation where two different players are controlling the same token and you can’t remember who is who? With minis, that problem goes away. Each player has his own unique mini, so there’s no confusion about who is who.

Painting miniatures is a great hobby to take your focus off everyday stress. People regularly refer to it as a Zen-like hobby because of the meticulous work required to pull off realistic or artistic versions of minis. Like with any creative endeavor, the quality of your work depends on the time and effort you want to invest in it.


They can be expensive. A decent set of D&D minis can cost upwards of $100 depending on the material you want. That’s a lot of money for something that is ultimately just cosmetic.

They can be hard to find the perfect one for your character. If you don’t have a good local hobby store, it can be tough to find decent D&D minis. You might have to resort to buying them online, which can be inconvenient.

Conclusion—Are D&D Minis Worth it?

So, are D&D minis worth it? Ultimately, that decision is up to you. If you have the money and you think they would add to your enjoyment of the game, then go for it! If you’re on a budget then be sure to check out our guide to budget-friendly alternatives. And if you’re not sure minis are really your thing, then hold off for now. D&D is a game of the imagination, so you will still enjoy yourself without them!

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