ARcana: The Future of Tabletop Roleplaying

ARcana The Future of Tabletop Roleplaying

Do you love table top roleplaying games? Do you wish there was an easier (and cheaper) way to bring your game to life than buying dozens of miniatures and countless expensive terrain pieces? Then you are going to love ARcana.

ARcana is a new software application that brings tabletop roleplaying to life like never before. With it, you can experience your favorite tabletop games in a whole new way. Not only does ARcana let you see your characters and environment in stunning augmented reality, but it also comes with a host of other features that make the experience more immersive.

In this article, I touch on:

  • What is ARcana (and who developed it)?
  • Where can you use ARcana?
  • How do you use ARcana?
  • How ARcana is set to change the world of TTRPG’s forever

CEO Grant Anderson Full Interview about ARcana

We were fortunate enough to sit down (virtually) with Grant Anderson, CEO of Mirrorscape, to get an in-depth look at ARcana. We dove into:

  • What inspired Grant to come up with ARcana
  • The obstacles he had to overcome to bring this tabletop augmented reality software to life
  • Features that Grant is excited for players and Dungeon Masters to use
  • Grant’s vision for the future of tabletop role playing games

Check out the full interview with Mirrorscape CEO Grant Anderson if you want all the details!

ARcana Kickstarter Image

What is ARcana?

As it says on the Kickstarter happening right now, “Build as big as your dreams.”

ARcana is bringing the tabletop experience back to life with augmented reality (AR) magic! This AR software is truly going to revolutionize the way people tabletop role-play.

You’ll be able to create an immersive experience for your favorite tabletop roleplaying games. ARcana is designed for Dungeon Masters and players alike to experience their favorite TTRPG like never before!

ARcana Kickstarter Image

What is Mirrorscape?

Mirrorscape is a company led by CEO Grant Anderson. Mirrorscape is creating the future of role playing games, incorporating tabletop play with augmented reality for a never-seen-before experience. Connect with your pals around the table or across the world while maintaining that real, face-to-face tabletop gaming experience.

Mirrorscape is dedicated to offering you the highest-quality digital 3D terrain, miniatures, and content from the world’s top brands at an affordable price. Use your iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Android to play while on the move or at the gaming table with your friends! Mirrorscape has everything you need to make your dreams come true. Build as large as you wish and “level up” in Mirrorscape.

ARcana Kickstarter Image

Play D&D anytime, anywhere!

Arcana allows you to interact with your friends at the table or around the globe by viewing the table from their own perspective. All you’ll need is your phone, tablet or laptop to see beautiful, interactive 3D terrain from your point of view.

ARcana Kickstarter Image

Affordable 3D Terrain & Mini’s

ARcana has partnered with industry leaders like Dwarven Forge, Fat Dragon Games, Reaper Minis and Hero Forge. These partnerships enable you to build a beautiful 3D world and populate it with all of your favorite miniatures.

There are so many customizable options as well that will truly immerse you in the gaming experience. You’ll be able to expand your game with things like environment FX, interactive tiles, weather FX, Spell FX, and much MUCH more.

A woman using ARcana to create a dungeon on her tablet while riding in the backseat of a car
Kickstarter Image

TTRPG Convenience

With ARcana, Dungeon Masters will not have to remove the Terrain from their table or spend hours trying to find the right piece. You’ll have an endless options at your fingertips and be able to pick up your game where you left off, anytime and anywhere.

If you have an itch to play D&D and don’t want to wait till your next in-person get together, you can coordinate your lunch times with your friends and pickup your game at anytime.

You’ll also be able to immerse your players by building giant scale 3D terrain maps or get lost in a never-ending dungeon as a player. All from the convenience of your phone.

A screenshot of the ARcana interface as a user is choosing terrain tiles to set down
Kickstarter Image

How it Works

  1. Back the Kickstarter
  2. Get the App
  3. Build Big
  4. Drop YOUR Map
  5. Play Anywhere

ARcana Release Schedule

The Kickstarter is live as of April 20, but the good news is it funded in just a few short hours after launch. You’ll be able to get your hands on ARcana as early as THIS summer (2022) !

The early access beta will be available this summer and then come the fall all backers of the kickstarter will have full access.

Grant Anderson and a couple people sitting around a table using ARcana on their tablets
Kickstarter Image


This augmented reality software is going to revolutionize the way people tabletop role-play. ARcana is designed for Dungeon Masters and players alike to experience their favorite TTRPG like never before.

I personally can not wait to get my hands on this AR software and see how it changes the way I play D&D with my friends. I’ve already backed this campaign and I truly believe you should too!

Check out the full interview with CEO Grant Anderson for a more in-depth look at ARcana!

As always, stay nerdy my friends.

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