5e Tools: Important Equipment You Need To Play D&D

5e Tools—Important Equipment You Need To Play D&D

Dungeons & Dragons is a complex and thrilling game enjoyed by players of all levels of experience. If you’re just getting started in 5e, you may be wondering what you need to make the most out of your experience. In this blog post, we will discuss the best 5e tools for dungeon masters and players alike.

Whether you’re looking for equipment to help with your gameplay or accessories to make your experience more fun and immersive, we’ve got you covered!

By the end of this article, you will understand:

  • The most important tool in Dungeons & Dragons
  • Why character sheets are crucial to keep track of your progress
  • How to create exciting adventures
  • What you can do to visualize the action
  • Where to keep your tools and supplies

5e Tools for D&D: The Best Dice for 5e Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeon & Dragons 5e Tools

Arguably the most important 5e tool is the dice.

Without dice, 5e wouldn’t be the same. There are a variety of different dice that can be used for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, but you’ll need a set of six dice:

  • 20-sided die, D20
  • 12-sided die, D12
  • 10-sided die, D10
  • 8-sided die, D8
  • 6-sided die, D6
  • 4-sided die, D4

You can play with one of each, but if you play for more than a few sessions you’ll want more than a single D6. When I find a set of dice I like, I buy two sets so I have two of each die. Simple solution.

Picking out which dice are for you is a matter of personal preference. You can find dice in a variety of different materials, such as plastic, metal or even wood. You can also find dice in a variety of different colors, so take your time and find a set that you really love.

If you’re unsure which material to choose, read Metal Dice vs. Plastic Dice, our take on the eternal battle.

Character Sheets to Keep Track of Your Progress

Dungeon & Dragons 5e Tools

A 5e tool that you will 100% need is a character sheet.

If you’re old fashioned or just like the feel of pen and paper, print out character sheets or use a program like Excel to track your progress. Character sheets are important because they help you keep track of your abilities, hit points, spells and more. There’s nothing worse than dying in the middle of a crucial boss fight because you forgot what spells you memorized.

If you’re looking for a digital solution, there are plenty of 5e character sheet apps out there that can help you keep track of your character. 5th Edition Character Sheet is a great option that’s available for free on iOS and Android devices. Our personal favorite place to use an online character sheet is DnD Beyond. This site is great because it walks you through creating your character and makes getting started as easy as possible. DnD Beyond also has plenty of other 5e tools to dive into.

A Dungeon Master’s Guide to Create Exciting Adventures

5e Tools for D&D—The cover of the  Dungeon Master's Guide for 5e
Dungeon & Dragons 5e Tools

This 5e tool is specifically for dungeon masters.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) is a book that contains all the information a dungeon master needs to run a 5e game. This includes information on NPCs, monsters, magical items and more. It’s a great resource for creating exciting adventures that your players will love.

If you’re looking for a DMG, make sure to grab the latest version, the 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. Again it’s up to you if you want a physical or digital copy. If you want a physical copy, we recommend you check out your local game store! Support local businesses! And if you want a digital version, DnD Beyond or Roll20 have great 5e tools for dungeon masters.

5e Tools for D&D: Maps and Tokens to Visualize the Action

5e Tools for D&D—A Dungeons & Dragons battle map with hand painted scenery and miniatures
Dungeon & Dragons 5e Tools

As a player you’ll need a token or miniature.

This will designate where your player is located on the map. As far as 5e tools go, we believe this is important but it is totally optional to the player. Typically, the more detailed the miniature the more immersed you and the other players will be in the game.

It’s hard to instill fear in anyone as you get ready to face the big bad evil guy and a rubber ducky enters the battle map.

There are websites like HeroForge where you can customize your own miniature to your liking, and then have it printed and shipped to you before your next gaming session. But you can also visit your local gaming store and pick up a pre-painted or unpainted miniature to paint it yourself.

A battle maps is a 5e tool that the Dungeon Master uses to help players visualize the action. A battle map is a gridded surface where each square represents 5 ft. This can be as simple as drawing it out with a pencil on paper. Or as elaborate as purchasing enough modular terrain to build a city.

If you want to get really into it, you can even create your own digital maps and print them. Digital 5e tools like Roll20 have great 5e tools for battle maps.

A Carrying Case or Bag to Store All Your Supplies In

5e Tools for D&D—Two people facing each other and carrying shoulder bags
Dungeon & Dragons 5e Tools

Traveling around with all your D&D supplies can be a pain.

That’s why it’s important to have a carrying case or bag that can store everything for you. This way when you’re ready to play, all your supplies are in one place and easy to grab.

There are many types of carrying cases and bags to choose from. You can find something small that will fit just your dice and character sheet. Or you can find a large bag that will fit all of your D&D supplies. As Dungeons and Dragons has become more popular, companies have emerged creating some very high-end custom 5e tools for carrying around all your goodies.

No matter what you choose, make sure it’s big enough to fit everything you need and that it has a comfortable strap.

In Conclusion—5e Tools for D&D

This list represents some of the best 5e tools available to help you get the most out of your game.

These 5e tools are great for new and experienced players and are a necessary addition to any 5e Dungeons and Dragons toolkit:

  • The best dice for your 5e Dungeons & Dragons game
  • Character sheets to help keep track of your progress
  • A dungeon master’s guide for creating exciting adventures
  • Maps and tokens to help you visualize the action
  • A carrying case or bag to store all your supplies in

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself some 5e tools!

If there are any 5e tools that you think should be on this list, let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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