Build a Better Fighter With These 5e Feats

Build A Better Fighter with these 5e Feats

The Best Feats for your D&D Fighter

Choosing the best feats is essential to character creation, especially when building a 5e Fighter. Feats are an optional add-on “talent” that provides an ability above and beyond what’s available for your class or race. The fighter is unique in that they gain the most feats out of all of the classes in Dungeons & Dragons. That number increases depending on certain factors such as the race you are (Human Variant) or if you utilize the multiclass option. 

Fighters are seen as a simple class to master with an effective array of attack options. They make the second most attacks per round (only behind the Monk) and typically have an above-average Armor Class. Adding the perfect Feat to your build can make you an absolute BEAST on the battle map.

There are over 40 feats available in the Player’s Handbook alone so picking the feat that compliments your class abilities can be a chore. Adding in the various feats available across all official Dungeons & Dragons products becomes downright overwhelming. That’s where Nerd Night News comes in.

This list is crafted specifically for those adventurers who want to play a fighter that every Monster in Dungeons & Dragons will fear. The below feats when combined create a Fighter that can cause damage throughout the round as an attack, bonus attack, reaction, and opportunity of attack. If there is action on the map then THESE fighters are guaranteed to be in the middle of it.

Build A Better Fighter with these 5e Feats
Artwork from D&D Sourcebook

A Party Protector To Enhance Your Role-Playing Game

Feat: Sentinel

Source: Player’s Handbook


Enemies that are hit by your opportunity attacks are reduced to a speed of 0 thus ending their movement. Plus, enemies can’t disengage from you to avoid the attack of opportunity. The bottom line is if you land a hit on that enemy it is stopped in its tracks immediately. Additionally, if an enemy hits an ally that’s within 5 feet of your position, you get an automatic reaction to attack that enemy.

Sentinel is one of the most significant feats you can get as a frontline fighter. It instantly transforms you into a protector and guardian of the group. Most enemies you face will have no choice but face your wrath even when they try to disengage. The Sentinel Feat is an unmatched feat for keeping enemies away from your allies.

Build A Better Fighter with these 5e Feats
Control the Battle with Polearm Master

Sacrifice Weapon Options For To Gain The Upper Hand In Battle

Feat: Polearm Master

Source: Player’s Handbook


Using a weapon with “Reach”, you can take a bonus action to attack with the opposite end of your weapon to deal 1d4 of damage. The 1d4 damage applies the same ability score as you would use for the main attack. This feat is available to use with glaives, halberds, spears, and quarterstaffs. With Polearm Master you will in essence gain extra attacks with your bonus action, and enemies that enter your now extended reach are subject to an attack of opportunity.

Adopting the Battle Master Subclass at 3rd level on top of the Polearm Master and Sentinel feat creates the building blocks for a formidable fighter. Polearm Master and Sentinel together give you multiple conditions that can trigger an attack. This allows you to protect, attack, and control the pace of the battle.

These are the first steps in creating the most effective fighter. Adopting the Battle Master Subclass at the 3rd level will enhance the benefits of the Polearm Master and Sentinel combo.

Great Weapon Master Artwork
Build A Better Fighter with these 5e Feats

Take A Gamble And Elevate Your Damage Potential

Feat: Great Weapon Master

Source: Player’s Handbook


Up next is one of the most beloved feats in all of Dungeons & Dragons, fifth edition. It is character-defining and an absolute game changer. The halberd and glaive are both heavy weapons and also benefit from Polearm Master so should be used in this build.

When using a heavy weapon, you can take a -5 penalty to your attack roll and gain +10 damage on a hit. If you roll a D20 critical hit or bring an enemy to 0 HP, you can carry out an extra melee attack as a bonus action.

The Trio of Polearm Master, Sentinel, and Great Weapon Master (along with the Battle Master Subclass) makes for an unmatched fighter. The following two feats enhance the build further to make the fighter a formidable foe all the way to level 20.

D&D Official Artwork
You Don’t Look So Tough To Me

You Are Bound To Get Hit So Bulk Up

Feat: Tough

Source: Player’s Handbook


Your maximum hit points increase by an amount equal to twice your level with this feat. Every level you gain afterward also increases your maximum hit points by 2 hit points per level. That is a TON of extra hit points and when you are a frontline fighter EVERY ounce of HP helps.

This feat is simple but effective. It goes that extra step in creating a well-rounded and vicious fighter.

Tough is a solid feat if you can pick it up. Just make sure you have grabbed Polearm Master, Great Weapon Fighter, and Sentinel first!

Build A Better Fighter with these 5e Feats
Feeling Lucky?

The Cheat Code Of The Dungeons & Dragons World

Feat: Lucky

Source: Player’s Handbook


Lucky is without a doubt the best feat in the fifth edition and is frequently banned at homebrew tables because of its impact on the game. This feat grants 3 luck points which allow you to roll an additional d20 on an ability check, an attack, or a saving throw. You may then choose which dice to use for the outcome.

You must announce your intention to use this feat before knowing whether you succeeded or failed. When in doubt or when feeling… Lucky, this feat can alter a bad situation into something amazing.

If that wasn’t enough you can use one luck point to roll a d20. Then you choose whether you use your roll or the enemy’s roll. If you and your opponent both use Lucky to influence the outcome of a dice roll, they cancel each other and no one rolls that extra d20.

Lucky functionally change the outcome of not only your D20 roll but the Dungeon Masters’ roll as well. It’s like having an advantage tucked away for a rainy day.

Once again, Lucky is an amazing feat but make sure to pick up the essential Trio before grabbing this one. No matter what you pick next you are guaranteed to Build A Better Fighter with THESE 5e Feats.

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Build A Better Fighter with these 5e Feats

There you have it. These FIVE feats are the essential ones to grab to turn your fighter from a laughing stock into Battle God!

What do you think? Which feats would you add to this build or would you go in a completely different direction?

What should we cover next? Spelljammer, Radiant Citadel, Monsters, or Critical Role?

Let us know below!

And while you’re here make sure to check out some of our other Nerd Night News Articles.

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