10 Surprising Benefits of Playing Dungeons and Dragons

If you’re on the fence about playing Dungeons and Dragons, this article is for you. In it, we will discuss 10 benefits of playing Dungeons and Dragons that may persuade you to give the game a try. Dungeons and Dragons is a great way to improve your problem solving skills, relieve stress and make new friends. We will also cover what you need to know before starting your first game, such as what type of player you should be and what kind of campaigns are available. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started, keep reading for the best benefits of playing Dungeons and Dragons!

10 Benefits of Playing Dungeons and Dragons

What to know before playing Dungeons and Dragons

Before you start playing Dungeons and Dragons there are a couple things you should know first to get a better idea of what you’re walking into.

1) What type of player you should be

There are three main types of players in D&D:

  • The Combat Player: This type of player enjoys fighting and prefers to focus their attention on defeating enemies.
  • The Role-Playing Player: This type of player is more interested in the story and developing their character. They may not be as focused on combat.
  • The Puzzle Player: This type of player enjoys solving puzzles and challenges. They may not be as interested in combat or role-playing.

Perhaps you’re a bit of each player type, or maybe you’re not sure yet. That’s okay! The important thing is to find a group of players that share similar interests.

2) What kind of campaigns are available

There are two main types of campaigns:

  • The Living Campaign: This type of campaign is run by a Dungeon Master and is ongoing. Players can join and leave as they please.
  • The One-Shot Campaign: This type of campaign is self-contained and usually only lasts for one session. Players cannot join or leave in the middle of the campaign.

Where to start Dungeons and Dragons

There are many places you can start playing Dungeons & Dragons. Here are a few suggestions:

The Wizards of the Coast website: You can create a free account and download the basic rules of the game. From there, you can purchase additional books if you’d like.

Your local game store: Many stores offer regular D&D nights where you can drop in and play with other people. This is a great way to meet new people and try the game out.

Online: If you can’t find a local game store or D&D night, there are many options for playing online. Roll20 is a popular option that allows you to play with people from all over the world.

Word of mouth: Pay attention to if people in your social circle are talking about playing D&D. You may be able to join their game or start your own!

Social media groups: Who said social media is all bad? There are many Facebook and Reddit groups dedicated to playing D&D online. Join the conversation and you may find your next game!

10 Benefits of Playing Dungeons & Dragons

The 10 Benefits of Playing Dungeons and Dragons

In real life there are many obstacles and challenges we face on a daily basis. D&D can help us overcome these challenges by giving us a chance to practice our problem solving skills in a safe and fun environment.

Dungeons and Dragons can also be used as a form of stress relief. After a long day at work, it can be nice to unwind by diving into a fantasy world where you are the hero. D&D can also help to improve your social skills by giving you a chance to interact with other players in a cooperative setting.

Finally, D&D is a great way to make new friends. With so many people playing the game, it’s easy to find a group of like-minded individuals to play with. So if you’re looking for a fun and rewarding hobby, why not give D&D a try? You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

10 Benefits of Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Here are the 10 surprising benefits of playing Dungeons and Dragons:

1) Relieves stress

When you’re playing D&D, you can forget about your real-world problems for a little while and focus on defeating the dragon or rescuing the princess. This can be a great way to relieve stress after a long day at work or school.

Escapism is a powerful thing, and D&D provides an escape from the mundane into a world of adventure. Something that is great for your mental health.

2) Pandemic Proof

Right before the real life pandemic, I was trying my hand at being the Dungeon Master. I remember hosting our second session at my buddy’s apartment when we got news of the lock-down going into effect the following day.

As the weeks went on and turned to months, I was afraid this would be it for the pre-written adventure we recently embarked on.

Luckily, after doing a bit of research on how to play the popular tabletop roleplaying game online, I was able to convince the players to continue our adventure on from the comfort of their own homes and video-chat in.

It was different, but in the end it was just as fun. Getting the gang together to roll dice and adventure around our fantasy world again, worked wonders on our mental health during such trying times.

3) Boosts problem solving skills

D&D is all about problem solving. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to get past a puzzle or defeat a powerful enemy, you’ll need to use your brain power to come up with a solution. This can help improve your problem solving skills in everyday life.

Not only is it good for teaching players to solve problems on their own, it also helps players solve problems collectively as a group.

This is a great skill to have in any workplace as it helps build trust and relationships with those around you.

4) Keeping in touch

Sometimes life comes at us like a freight train and we can barely keep our head above water let alone make time to see our buddies. D&D provides a great way to stay in touch with friends that you might not otherwise get to see as often as you’d like.

Once a month I have my friends who are local come over to play an on-going campaign that I Dungeon Master for. I also have three friends who started in this campaign locally who have since moved away video-chat in to play with us.

I’m not sure we would all have kept in-touch, if it wasn’t for Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s also a great way to socialize with friends without having to go out to a bar or club. You can play online or in person, whichever you prefer.

5) Makes new friends

One of the best things about D&D is that it’s a social game. You’ll be spending time with people who share your interests, and you may even make some new friends along the way.

Forging a new D&D party can be life changing. If you’re new to an area and want to meet fellow nerds, perhaps visit your local gaming store or comic book shop. Many host D&D nights and welcome new adventurers.

Many of my closest friends now, started as new players at the gaming table.

6) Improves imagination

D&D requires you to use your imagination, which can actually help improve your creative thinking in real life. If you’ve ever wanted to try something new and different, this is the perfect game for you!

When was the last time that you ventured into a dungeon to face a dragon? Or saved a princess from an evil sorcerer? Probably never, and that’s what makes D&D so great. It allows you to explore different worlds and scenarios that you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.

7) Memories

Something that has stuck with me is the bond that is forged around the gaming table with friends. Years later we can go back and say, remember the time we did this or that happened?

Memories created with friends using your collective imagination can be just-as-real as the ones we make in our day to day lives.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been playing D&D and had something happen that made me laugh so hard I cried. Or the time we had to make a tough decision that changed the course of the game. These are moments that I cherish and look back on fondly.

I’ll share an example with you:

There was a moment in one of our campaigns that I go back to when the adventuring party was attempting to save three NPC townsfolk, one of which was one of the player characters relatives (his aunt), from a public execution via hanging.

One of us shot an arrow from afar to cut the ropes of all three, to save them from their ill-fate. The player had to roll an 18 or higher to save all 3, the DM stated.

He rolled a 15.

The arrow cut through the first rope and then the second but missed the third noose, belonging to his aunt. In a fit of rage, all the of us players rushed the town square to avenge our party members fallen relative.

We were outnumbered 4-1 but we banded together and vanquished our enemies, freeing the town from their oppressors.

We held a burial after the smoke cleared for everyone who perished. The roleplaying was so intense that actual tears were shed around the table.

The power of immersion.

8) Character Creation

One of my favorite things about D&D is the character creation process. You get to choose your race, class, and stats. You also get to come up with a backstory for your character.

This is where you can really let your imagination run wild. Are you a human wizard? An elf ranger? A goblin rogue? The possibilities are endless.

You also get to choose your alignment, which is your character’s moral compass. Are you good or evil? Lawful or chaotic? This can be a difficult decision, but it’s an important one.

Your alignment will affect the decisions you make in the game.

Once you’ve decided on your race, class, and stats, it’s time to equip your character. You’ll need to choose weapons, armor, and other gear for your adventure.

During the course of this roleplaying game, you’ll be going on your own adventures, fighting monsters, solving mysteries and being apart of an adventuring party filled with other player characters.

Depending on the type of campaign, you could be roleplaying this character for a long time. So take your time during character creation and have fun with it!

9) Generational

Being able to play the worlds greatest role playing game as a child and then as an adult with your own children is beyond special.

It’s a game that can be passed down from generation to generation.

I’ve been playing D&D for over 5 years and I hope to be able to play with my children when they’re old enough.

I think it’s important for parents to be able to share their hobbies and interests with their children. It helps create a bond between them.

And what better way to bond with your children than by playing make-believe together?

10) Having fun

When I first got into Dungeons & Dragons, I remember watching Critical Role and witnessing how much fun they were having around the gaming table together.

I wanted to experience my own fun, go on my own adventure, create my own story with friends.

So one day at a comic book convention in Boston, where I was doing a book signing for my latest release, I traded a few of my books for the D&D Starter Set.

I’ve been having fun ever since.

10 Benefits of Playing Dungeons and Dragons


Dungeons and Dragons is an experience everyone should try at-least once. I would die on that hill.

Hopefully these 10 benefits of playing Dungeons and Dragons are enough for you to want to try out this amazing game.

Will you be giving D&D a chance? What benefits of playing Dungeons and Dragons did we leave out? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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